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Su Wei, president of Swire Coca-Cola, was invited to attend the Fortune MPW Women Summit, demonstrating the wisdom and energy of the company in cultivating women's leadership.

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On December 8, the 2023 Fortune MPW Women Summit was held in Shanghai with the theme of "Women's Wisdom, leading recovery". Many outstanding women entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs, policy makers and opinion leaders were invited together to explore how female leaders can uphold long-term doctrine in the changing macro environment and use the wisdom to resolve differences and bridge the gap. Lead an inclusive and sustainable economic recovery.

Su Wei, president of Swire Coca-Cola, was invited to attend the summit and participated in the round table forum as a speaker, together with Liu Lanxiang, senior editor of Fortune China, Qian Jin, managing director of Sotheby's China, Wang Xing, CEO of Kaidu Group and global chairman of Kaidu BrandZ, and Zhang Jiayin, CEO of McDonald's China, to start an in-depth dialogue around "iterative consumption scene, New solution to Brand". Share unique insights into digital technology and consumer scenarios.

Su Wei spoke at the round-table forum "iterative consumption scene, New solution to Brand".

Su Wei shared: "in the face of the economic cycle, when managing the business, don't look at the external difficulties, but focus on whether there is core competitiveness, whether the strategy is right, whether the execution ability is strong, and only by insisting on having confidence in your own strategy." to win in this market. "

As the first female leader to head Swire Coca-Cola, Su Wei has served in the Coca-Cola system for more than 25 years and held a number of management positions, during which she constantly gained opportunities to jump out of the comfort zone and embrace new challenges. until Swire Coca-Cola led Swire Coca-Cola to improve its business leadership in the global Coca-Cola system, and became a leader in key areas of sustainable development and a pioneer in digital leadership. Earlier, Fortune released the list of China's most influential Business Women in 2023, and Su Wei was on the list and received awards at the summit, which recognized her extraordinary personal ability and forward-looking strategic vision. In her daily work, Su Wei also uses herself as a case study to encourage other women to embrace challenges, jump out of the comfort zone, and lead Swire Coca-Cola to make continuous efforts to cultivate female leadership and create a pluralistic and inclusive workplace environment.

Su Wei once said: "in leading the development of Swire Coca-Cola, I enjoy the company's culture very much. The most prominent point is that Swire focuses on long-term and sustainable development. Another point is respect for people." As Swire Coca-Cola's employer value Proposition (Employer Value Proposition) mentions, "your ambition is inspired by this", which means that when you work at Swire Coca-Cola, you will be the best you can be. Here, there is no limit to your ambition.

Swire Coca-Cola has always believed that women's wisdom in the workplace and their contribution to society are equal to those of men. As a company with social responsibility, Swire Coca-Cola is committed to creating a fair, just and friendly working environment for women, helping women to better unleash their potential and create a more prosperous life.

In supporting the development of women, Swire Coca-Cola starts from consciousness and awakens women's awareness of self-development through a series of courses and workshops on "achieving the best". At the same time, it promotes the study of "inclusive leadership" and "respect in the workplace" policy in the enterprise, so that all supervisors and employees can participate in the building of a pluralistic and inclusive working environment. Through the Women's leadership Forum, outstanding women inside and outside the industry are invited to participate in sharing, so that women can see and believe that there are no limits in the workplace, have the courage to break the top of the workplace glass, and set a series of institutional protections. to ensure that women enjoy the same opportunities as men in the full career life cycle of recruitment, training, promotion and retirement.

Swire Coca-Cola female sales representative

After years of persistent female leadership, the proportion of female sales representatives in mainland China rose to 33% by July 2023, while female managers in mainland China accounted for 29.6%. In the future, Swire Coca-Cola will continue to aim at "becoming the best employer", systematically support the development of female talents, release the energy of female leadership, and play a positive exemplary role in the industry. to contribute to a more fair, balanced and equal business environment.

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