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Casio 40th Anniversary Gold Watch auctioned at G-D001: AI participated in the design and sold for more than $400,000

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Shulou( Report--, December 11, to mark the 40th anniversary of the launch of the G-Shock G-D001 watch, Casio recently participated in the fall auction of The New York Auction:NINE at the headquarters of 432 Park Avenue in New York, which sold for $400050 ( Note: about 2.872 million yuan currently), with all the proceeds donated to charity. noticed that the chain link of the watch chain was penetrating and air-filled, and that fragments of the bezel seemed to fall from one side of the case; the honeycomb network at the ear oozed like a liquid, connecting the watch to the bracelet.

A representative of Casio said: we created a design framework and then fed into the AI model data collected by Casio during more than 40 years of G-SHOCK development about the impact when the watch fell.

AI optimizes various factors such as structural strength, material properties and processing methods to produce the best 3D model. Casio makes repeated manual modifications as suggested by AI to produce external parts with creativity, original form, excellent design sensitivity and functionality.

AI's involvement in the design is not the main feature. There is a six-channel radio inside the watch, which can be used to set the time automatically. The radio is powered by a ring of gallium solar panels around the dial, which glows red at the press of a button.

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