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After Huawei and the Great Wall, Geely also questioned the understanding of Chedi's winter test results: Yang Xueliang said the evaluation process misled consumers

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Shulou( Report--

Thanks to netizens for the clue delivery of Li Goudian in the village next door! news on December 11, following the question of the world, Great Wall Motor has questioned the understanding of the car emperor winter test results, Geely Motor also joined this "war situation." Just now, @ Yang Xueliang Victor, senior vice president of Geely Holdings Group, said bluntly that he did not agree with the evaluation results of the pure electric battery life rate of the hybrid model "2023 understanding car Didong Test" released by Zhe Di.

I also think that the evaluation process is not scientific, not rigorous, and the conclusion is not convincing, which not only misleads consumers, but also hurts the credibility of Chedi himself.

Yang Xueliang disclosed the data transferred by the background:

During the preparation process of Geely Galaxy L6 before test, the vehicle idled for 70 minutes and opened the door 4 times during the period. The longest time of opening the door was more than 10 minutes.

Lectra 08 idled in place for 71 minutes before the test, during which it opened the door six times, with a maximum opening time of 6 minutes and 39 seconds.

Yang Xueliang said that according to the evaluation rules announced by the car emperor in advance, all vehicles should be prepared at the same time before departure, and the actual electricity of all vehicles before departure should be recorded, but this is not the case in practice.

At the same time, he also called on third-party evaluation agencies to "evaluate the new energy models of Geely Automobile Group in a more scientific and rigorous way" and hoped that consumers would personally experience the product hard power of Geely brands through the way of "no trial, no comparison, no sale". summary timeline:

Understanding car Emperor recently conducted winter performance tests on dozens of new energy vehicles, involving the performance of pure electric vehicles and hybrid vehicles in many areas. The test site is located in Mohe and is currently in extremely cold weather. In the plug-in hybrid group's "pure electric life success rate" project, the boundary M7 only achieved a success rate of 31.6%. (the Mengshi 917, the Deep Blue S7 extended range version and the Chuanqi E9 PHEV cannot drive in pure electric mode in the extremely cold environment of-30 ℃, excluding the results.)

On Friday, AITO explained the test in detail: the test media confirmed that the vehicle was heated by air conditioning for a total of 71 minutes before the formal test, and continued for another 40 minutes after the temperature in the car reached 24 degrees Celsius.

In this process, there are more than ten times to open and close the doors and windows, of which the longest time is more than 3 minutes, which greatly increases the energy consumption of air conditioning and leads to a rapid decline in electricity consumption. Under the condition of severe cold and continuous heating of air conditioning, the windows and doors are opened for many times for a long time, which seriously deviates from the real use scene of users.

In addition, the remaining power of the vehicle during the test was 74.9%, and the test began only when the driver and four 60-kilogram sandbags were carried. When the power was 20.4%, the range extender started, and the actual battery power consumption was 54.5%. To achieve a pure electric range of 55.3 km in extreme weather conditions in winter.

Understand the car emperor official said yesterday: the test standards are completely unified, all models are treated equally!

Late last night, it was reported that Yu Chengdong also expressed his position on the test results of M7 participating in the "2023 car King Winter Test" on Wechat moments: deceiving people and misleading the public! Science and rigor are the basic rules that should be followed!

At noon today, Great Wall Motor announced that it would hold a communication meeting at 15:00 on December 14 to question the winter test standards of Chedi.

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