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The rookie appeared in COP28 to share the experience of digital logistics and carbon reduction innovation with the world.

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Recently, the 28th Conference of the parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate change (COP28) was held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. As a representative of green logistics enterprises, Cainiao Group was invited to attend the COP28 China Corner theme side meeting. At the scene, Niu Zhijing, vice president of Cainiao Group, market public relations and general manager of ESG, shared a series of practices of Cainiao digital technology in helping green logistics innovation.

Cainiao is the first enterprise to launch green action in China's express logistics industry, and now has one of the largest intelligent logistics networks and the largest Cainiao post digital network in the world. With its digital advantages and logistics capabilities, Cainiao has not only launched the world's largest green recycling practice, but also has lower carbon emissions than the industry average. According to Niu Zhijing, Cainiao has formed a full-link green logistics solution for upstream and downstream partners, promoting low-carbon change by widely applying digital technology to the core logistics links such as orders, packaging, transportation and recycling.

Niu Zhijing, vice president of ▲ Cainiao Group, market public relations and general manager of ESG, did green logistics sharing in the order process. in the past three years, Cainiao electronic noodles have been applied to more than 100 billion packages, saving the industry 400 billion paper noodles, while cross-border packages using Cainiao intelligent order technology can greatly reduce packaging and terminal secondary distribution.

In the packaging process, the rookie intelligent packing algorithm can recommend the optimal box type in less than 1 second. this technology is widely used in Cainiao warehouse, helping 300 million parcels to "lose weight" every year, which is equivalent to reducing the use of 80 million cartons. In addition, the rookie has also implanted a RFID (precision radio frequency identification technology) chip into the green recycling box. "one box, one code" can effectively avoid the inefficiency of manual verification and greatly reduce the loss rate in turnover. In fiscal year 2023, Cainiao's green recycling box was used a total of 130,000 times.

The routing algorithm independently developed by Cainiao has 36 world records in vehicle scheduling. By optimizing route planning, Cainiao can greatly reduce the distribution distance in logistics and transportation.

The Cainiao RFID recycling box and green recycling workbook at ▲ Cop28 connect consumers at one end and merchants at the other. Cainiao's green carbon reduction practice has always been with customers and the industry. As early as 2016, Cainiao encouraged consumers to participate in express packaging recycling at Cainiao post stations, and this green campaign has continued to this day, developing into the largest green recycling practice in the world.

At the COP28 site, Niu Zhijing also showed exercise books made by consumers participating in the recycling of express packaging at Cainiao post stations, which were repeatedly sent to 19 rural primary and secondary schools in Daliangshan, Sichuan, to convey the concept of green recycling to students.

While encouraging consumers to participate widely, rookies are also working with a number of brands to extend green recycling to used clothes, shoes, books and other categories. At present, Cainiao's digital carbon asset management system has reached cooperation with the postal industry in 7 provinces and cities, nearly 100 domestic universities and more than 40 brands.

At the scene, many participants gave positive feedback on Cainiao's green logistics carbon reduction practice. Niu Zhijing said that Cainiao insists on promoting green logistics innovation through digital technology, which also makes Cainiao's ESG operation more sustainable. "ESG is a long-term strategy of Cainiao, which is closely integrated with various businesses, and we also hope to work with global brands and research institutions to actively create sustainable green logistics."

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