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The double 12-year-end carnival is going on, and Samsung Galaxy phones can't be lost at a good price.

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Recently, the double Twelve activities of major manufacturers have kicked off with intense efforts, bringing a lot of affordable prices and benefits for consumers who want to change planes at the end of the year. At present, Samsung Mall's "carnival at a good price at the end of 12.12" is under way. If you also want to experience the flagship experience and buy a phone with outstanding design and colorless performance, these four Samsung Galaxy phones will definitely meet your needs.

Young people are the main force of consumption in today's social system. As the Galaxy A series products, which are deeply loved by young users, the new generation of Samsung Galaxy A545G has a clear body with a low profile without losing its personality, and the back lens uses Samsung's iconic suspension camera design, removing the redundant cover plate, as if suspended on the back of the phone, with a high degree of recognition. The beautiful colors of light purple, fresh lemon green, deep rock black and snow fog white give young people more choices when they wear them every day.

The front of the fuselage, with a 6.4in FHD+ Super AMOLED display screen, can accurately show the real colors and rich details in the scene, so that the slightest must appear, the visual effect is amazing. Support 120Hz adaptive refresh rate, bringing users a smooth and silky experience in the visual senses. At the same time, in high brightness mode (HBM) 1000nit, relying on visual enhancement technology (Vision Booster), Samsung Galaxy A545G will intelligently adjust screen brightness and contrast according to ambient light, even in the face of outdoor strong light, it can also provide users with clear visual effects, not better than any content on the screen.

As Samsung's most powerful all-around flagship to date, the Samsung Galaxy S23 series has brought comprehensive upgrades in terms of appearance, image and performance. Samsung Galaxy S23 series creates an integrated fuselage with a family-style minimalist design style, which has a unique simple charm. In addition, the design of the suspension camera on the back of the fuselage is further simplified, bringing a combination of fashion charm and a sense of science and technology. As the benchmark for flagship phones, the Samsung Galaxy S23 series is also good at taking pictures. Among them, the top matching Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra is the first time to introduce a new generation of 200-megapixel sensor to provide users with better resolution, whether in the face of the static beauty of flowers and plants or the pleasant moments of snapping fish and seabirds, can show the best state under the Galaxy S23 Ultra lens.

In terms of performance, Samsung Galaxy S23 series is also absolutely strong. The whole department is equipped with the second generation Snapdragon ®8 mobile platform (for Galaxy), which provides users with a more smooth and comfortable experience in daily use and games; equipped with the second generation dynamic AMOLED screen, supports 120Hz adaptive refresh rate, brings amazing display effect to users, and extremely silky control experience.

As a product of the new era, the advent of folding screen products gives people more choices when choosing and purchasing mobile phones. As the fifth generation folding screen products of Samsung, Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 and Galaxy Z Flip5 have attracted much attention as soon as they appear on the market. Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 has a 7.6inch home screen and is equipped with industry-leading UDC off-screen camera technology. The immersive wide screen fully meets users' expectations. Not only that, the newly upgraded second-generation dynamic AMOLED display supports 120Hz adaptive refresh rate, so that users can enjoy clear, bright, smooth and vivid visual effects anytime and anywhere. In order to give full play to the outstanding productivity of Galaxy Z Fold5, Samsung has also given it a multitasking capability comparable to that of PC, which will be the greatest help for users. Through split-screen gestures, you can split the screen with one click, and support up to 3 applications on the same screen to display at the same time, allowing users to get twice the result with half the effort.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5, as the first choice for female users and fashionistas, continues the delicate and compact design of jewelry boxes in folding form, combining fashion beauty with cutting-edge technology. Thanks to the new super-closed Seiko hinge, the screen can fit closely in the folded form, making the fuselage more compact and slimmer, not only looking more beautiful, but also enhancing the comfort of the user when holding and using. In addition, the back has been upgraded to a 3.4-inch smart outer screen with a wide field of vision. When taking selfies, users can not only preview the picture effect more clearly, but also directly adjust the wide-angle / ultra-wide-angle mode and the tone of the screen to shoot. To be the protagonist of a delicate life.

Samsung Mall "12.12 year-end carnival good price shooting" is in progress, Samsung Galaxy A545G to the highest discount 1200 yuan, Galaxy S23 series to the highest discount 1200 yuan, Galaxy Z Fold5 to the highest discount of 450yuan, Galaxy Z Flip5 to the highest discount of 500yuan, at the same time, there are multiple gifts to choose, if you also want to get enough of a new phone, you might as well seize the time to buy, the opportunity is limited can not be missed.

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