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Lipro smart home business transfer, from Xinji Meizu to Zhuhai Ruran Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.

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Thanks to netizens for the clue delivery of grapefruit tea and cat, IT_2022, fire roll residual cloud! news on December 11, according to a number of readers' feedback, today Xingji Meizu sent a text message claiming that "from 0: 00 on December 14, 2023, Lipro will be transferred to Zhuhai Ruran Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. operation, rights and interests remain unchanged."

Star Meizu Group (referred to as "Star Meizu") was established on March 8 this year. The group is mainly formed by the integration of Star Age and Meizu Technology, and its founder is Mr. Li Shufu.

Shen Ziyu, chairman of the group, said that Starry Meizu Group will integrate global science and technology crystals and human resources, focus on full-link innovation in consumer electronics, open the boundaries between mobile phones, XR, operating systems, chips, cars and other smart devices, and achieve deep integration and super coordination between the consumer electronics industry and the automotive industry, and strive to become a unique technology enterprise in the future. also learned after inquiry that Zhuhai Ruran Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. was established on May 12, 2023, and its business projects mainly include "smart home consumer equipment manufacturing, smart home consumer equipment sales, smart home gateway manufacturing, lighting fixture manufacturing, lighting appliance sales".

The company consists of Cheng Hongxia as chairman and Zhang Donghui as general manager. The shareholders are Hubei Xingji Meizu Group Co., Ltd. (13.333333 million), Zhejiang Jichuang Industrial Development Co., Ltd. (10 million) and Zhuhai Ruiran Management Partnership (10 million).

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