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Sources say Samsung shows that it has reorganized its department to compete for orders for Apple folding screen product panels.

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Shulou( Report--, Dec. 11, according to TheElec, Samsung has shown that it has restructured to improve the operational efficiency of collapsible panel development to better meet the needs of Apple, after all, one of the company's most important customers.

In addition, Samsung display has specially set up an independent micro-display department for XR devices to take advantage of the new generation of technology.

At the same time, LG shows that Zheng Zhedong, the new chief executive, has also restructured and set up a new strategic customer (SC) department. The SC division will be separated from the existing small and medium-sized business units and will be responsible for Apple's business.

According to industry insiders, Samsung shows that the main purpose of the restructuring is to strengthen its "A (Apple) business team" and focus on developing technology that can supply it with collapsible OLED panels for Apple's future collapsible iPad and iPhone.

It is said that the small and medium-sized display department that produces smartphone OLED and collapsible panels has set up a collapsible product development department and a collapsible panel development department within the A development team, with a focus on popularizing collapsible products and ensuring differentiated technologies.

In terms of personnel changes, Cui Quanyong, who used to be the head of the headquarters planning team, has been transferred to the head of the A business team; Xu Zhe Xi, who used to be the head of the business planning group of the headquarters planning team, will become the new head of the headquarters planning team.

Samsung Display and LG Display are reportedly already working on Apple's collapsible product projects, including 20.25-inch panels. It is not clear whether the panel size is related to a particular product or panel production process.

Apple analyst Guo Mingyi has previously said that Apple is unlikely to launch a folding screen version of the iPhone phone before 2025, while DSCC analyst Ross Young believes that the folding screen iPhone could be seen as early as 2025, as previously reported by

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"Market Research Institute: Apple has begun an in-depth evaluation of folding products, which is expected to be released around 2027."

Guo Mingyi: Apple is testing a 9-inch folding screen device, which can be called a "iPhone / iPad hybrid".

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