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Raytheon Little Thunder P1 Pro projector on the shelves: 1000ANSI lumen, native 1080p, initial launch 1499 yuan

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Thanks to netizens who are very homesick and afraid of the delivery of clues! December 11 news, Raytheon Little Thunder P1 Pro projector on the shelves pre-sale, 20 yuan deposit, 1499 yuan for the first round. attached configuration:

Xiao Lei P1 Pro uses a new generation of optical technology, a new generation of custom LCD display, supports native 1080p resolution (non-jitter), 1000ANSI lumens, compatible with 4K decoding, 40in-120in.

Xiao Lei P1 Pro uses Xiao Lei AI visual supersensitive system to simulate natural colors, customized speakers, treble transparent, thick bass, high-precision CMOS sensor, AI adaptive algorithm, laser TOF sensing module, 6-axis multi-dimensional gyroscope, built-in wireless screen function to support computers, mobile phones and other devices.

The projector is equipped with DC, HDMI 2.1,2.0 USB, 3.5mm and other interfaces. Thor Little Thunder P1 Pro projector 1499 yuan direct link

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