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Only three months after its launch, the werewolf killing reasoning game "Walking Dead: betrayal" announced that it had been suspended and removed from the shelves.

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Shulou( Report--, December 11 / PRNewswire-FirstCall-Asianet /-- publisher Skybound recently issued a press release on the Steam platform, announcing that the development of the werewolf multiplayer game "the Walking Dead: betrayal (The Walking Dead: Betrayal)" has stopped, the game will be removed from shelves today, and buyers will receive a full refund.

The official press release of ▲ Tu Source Steam platform was launched on September 15 this year and will be officially closed on December 15 for only 3 months. The official reason for shutting down the game is "unable to find a way to build the vibrant backstab community we originally envisioned", that is, the player's daily active users are not good. queried SteamDB and learned that the overall praise rate of this work was only 45.31%. Player comments showed that the game server was quite poor, and frequent disconnections further reduced the popularity of the game, and the lack of publicity of the game led to a vicious circle and eventually led to the suspension of development.

▲ image source SteamDB platform

▲ image source Steam platform

According to the ▲ source Steam platform, "the Walking Dead: betrayal" uses social reasoning, and the theme of the game revolves around "how to survive among the Walking Dead, find supplies, and then successfully escape home." Survivors need to communicate and cooperate to repair escape facilities, while hidden defectors will do everything possible to disrupt their progress.

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