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Nintendo "Crayon Xiaoxin: rookie of Coal Town" Switch physical version early special: a desk calendar that can be turned into a postcard, the Chinese version will go on sale next spring.

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Shulou( Report--, 12 / 12 / PRNewswire-Asianet /-- the early purchase of the physical version of Nintendo Switch game "Crayon Xiaoxin: Xiaobai of Coal Town" has been announced-- a desk calendar that can be turned into a postcard that contains game scenes full of scenery and worldview.

It is understood that "Crayon Xiaoxin: Xiaobai of Coal Town" will begin to accept preorders from November 1, 2023, and users who pre-order ordinary or treasured versions of sets can get early specials.


Cover + 12-month calendar

If you separate the calendar, it becomes a postcard

Size: high 102mm x wide 208mm x deep 5mm

Equipped with plastic bracket box

The work will go on sale on February 22, 2024, and the Chinese version is expected to go on sale in the spring of 2024, the regular version is 6980 yen ( Note: currently about 346 yuan) and the collection edition is 9980 yen (currently about 495 yuan).

Contents of the collection edition:

Special badge: original badge of Xiaoxin and Xiaobai's game

Picture book notepad (with flip animation): imitate the picture clerk's notepad that appears in the game.

Special art books: contains many carefully selected art backgrounds and development materials (68 pages)

Soundtrack download card: contains all 27 BGM songs, including the full theme song

Theme song sono Sheet: a short version of the theme song "Magnet de Iiteru N and S"

Paper model of coal mine train: the mysterious train that appears in the game is made into paper model (1x32 scale)

Akita & Coal Town sightseeing Map: a Field Map between reality and mysterious towns

Character stickers: lovely stickers for people and buildings

This work is created by the studio "Crayon Xiaoxin: my summer vacation with the doctor ~ endless seven-day trip ~". It depicts Xiao Xin's daily life, shuttling between the real and mysterious towns, and experiencing various things with Xiaobai.

The Nohara family came here to enjoy the leisurely life surrounded by nature, and one day Xiaoxin, covered with charcoal ash, broke into the wonderful town "Coal Town" as if time had stopped flowing.

In the process of taking a bath with the town's coal miners and helping the restaurant develop a new menu, he established a deep friendship with the residents, but in the town there seems to be a shadow planning something, the intersection of two very different worlds. Xiao Xin's adventure is officially on its way.

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