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Xiaomi bracelet 8 Pro original god customized gift box goes on sale today: including Dadaria theme hand charging base, to hand price 549 yuan

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Shulou( Report-- December 12 news, Xiaomi bracelet 8 Pro original god plate gift box will go on sale at 10:00 today, including Dadaria-themed hand charging base, custom sticker, custom poster, Xiaomi bracelet 8 Pro, the initial price is 549 yuan, the reservation is eligible for purchase.

Millet bracelet 8 Pro original God customized wristband uses light gray main color ( Note: TPU material), on which the Dadaria mask pattern appears; built-in custom Dadaria dynamic dial, paired connection with the mobile phone will trigger the emergence of the mask, and there are special effects of the water element when charging; the bracelet comes with a new Dadaria charging base, which provides a regular charging wire.

In terms of configuration, Xiaomi bracelet 8 Pro uses 1.74in AMOLED dazzling screen, upgraded 60Hz refresh rate and 1670 million colors, brightness up to 600nit, using an integrated middle frame, minimalist design, weight of about 22.5g, thickness of only 9.99mm.

This bracelet has independent GNSS five-star positioning, upgraded dual-channel monitoring module, and supports heart rate, blood oxygen, sleep, stress, respiratory monitoring and women's health functions. The original customized version can last for 10 days and AOD mode for 6 days.

The first pre-sale of the Xiaomi bracelet 8 Pro gift box will be made from 0: 00 on December 9 to 9: 00 on December 12, with the final payment at 10:00 today (December 12); the second pre-sale will be from 12:00 today (December 12) to 9: 00 on December 15, with the final payment on December 15. Xiaomi bracelet 8Pro original God-made plate 549 yuan direct link

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