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Feel the vitality in summer and quiet in winter. Apple Vision Pro shows 8 immersive environment exposures.

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Shulou( Report-- news on December 12, source @ M1Astra found eight new immersive experience scenarios and assembled a 9-minute video after digging into the relevant codes of Apple Vision Pro headlines.

The contents of the eight scenarios attached to are as follows:

At 0:00 the last message of the Joshua Tree sun reached a foreign land of Joshua trees, rubble, and barren hills of bushes and rocks.

1:43 Yosemite in the valley of Yosemite, the arms of the depths of winter make you motionless, huge granite cliffs guard you, pure fresh snow clings to you.

At 4:10 the bright morning light and cheerful birdsong of Morning Light beckons to you.

4:46 Spring Light spring thunderstorm season, warm, golden and bright.

5:31 Summer Light summer brings vivid light, and the waves beat against the distant shores.

At 6:25 Fall Light the golden sky and winding rivers give off a rich autumn warmth.

7:15 Winter Light the snow and ice in winter and the quiet atmosphere make the air blue.

At 8:00 Mount Hood, an abundant Rain Water stroked the lake, rippling outward to the distant top of Mount Hood.

In addition, the source also shares the scenery and ambient sound of dark versions of Mount Hood, Yosemite and Joshua Tree.

Dark version of Mount Hood

Dark version of Yosemite

Dark version of Joshua Tree

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