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New features of JFrog software release life cycle are revealed: safety, quality and integrity.

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On December 5, JFrog, a streaming software company and provider of enterprise software supply chain platforms, released new features that set standards for the quality, security, MLOps and integrity of software releases. From creation to production, the JFrog platform injects binary-level security at every stage of the software development lifecycle to ensure traceability, reliability, compliance, and security of applications. At the same time, JFrog also announced the launch of the Global Channel partner Program, which aims to help customers adopt JFrog solutions through third parties and to create new revenue sources for JFrog and its partners. After the release, Dong Renyuan, General Manager of JFrog Greater China, together with Wang Qing, Technical Director of JFrog China, introduced to us a series of new features and strategies of JFrog, and answered related questions.

JFrog is a company specializing in software delivery and streaming software, providing product libraries and security capabilities for developers and enterprises. At present, JFrog serves the high-tech, Internet and financial industries all over the world. Dong Renyuan is currently the general manager of JFrog Greater China, responsible for expanding JFrog's business in Greater China, formulating marketing strategies and product line growth plans, and participating in business operations such as customer sales and revenue generation strategic plans. With more than 20 years of experience in product management, sales, business and global partner alliance expansion, he stressed that JFrog is committed to supporting customers' digital transformation to adapt to the market environment of different countries and regions, such as compliance with local requirements and compatibility adaptation in China to ensure compatibility in domestic hardware and software. At present, JFrog has 7200 customers worldwide, serves more than 89% of Fortune 100 customers and employs more than 1300 people worldwide.

Wang Qing, Technical Director of JFrog China, specifically explained the related solutions of JFrog and the new features launched on swampUP. JFrog's DevOps Platform is a full-language product library management platform that supports almost all mainstream development languages and is deeply rooted in the entire DevOps ecosystem. It can seamlessly integrate with various CI / CD tools to help users achieve rapid software release.

In terms of security, JFrog provides software package management and security scanning functions. Especially with the increasing use of open source software, attacks against open source software are also on the rise. JFrog makes up for the shortcomings of some traditional security scanning tools by managing all the software packages within the enterprise and providing security scanning.

The Jfrog platform has seven core products, including JFrog Artifactory, JFrog Distribution, JFrog Xray and JFrog Advanced Security. Among them, JFrog Curation has its own open source software directory; JFrog SAST supports static code scanning and completes the existing vulnerability scanning; and for the first time released a native integrated repository for Hugging Face.

By scanning at the agent repository level, the JFrog Curation solution can query the vulnerability library before the developer uses the new version of the open source component, achieving the goal of blocking vulnerability usage on the far left. This is a function that can be blocked at the remote warehouse level to provide an earlier guarantee for software security.

In addition, the JFrog CATALOG feature provides a trusted open source software dependency library that allows developers to easily search and use trusted third-party software versions. This function not only improves the development efficiency, but also helps to ensure the security of the software from the source.

JFrog SAST provides developers with a comprehensive tool for checking static applications. By scanning the code, developers can find potential vulnerabilities directly in the development tools and fix them immediately. The advantage of this integration is that JFrog SAST not only provides functions such as context analysis, key monitoring, configuration check and container check, but also provides the ability to generate code snippets for repair, providing a better experience for developers.

The support of the JFrog Hugging Face repository shows JFrog's efforts in the areas of AI and ML. By supporting Hugging Face repositories, JFrog provides developers with a convenient way to agent, scan, and manage large machine learning models. This is a valuable feature for AI and ML developers who need to download, adjust, and manage large models. With the support of Artifactory, developers can manage the lifecycle of the model more effectively, including downloading, adjusting and uploading, thus improving the efficiency of the entire workflow.

In addition to the above new features, Dong Renyuan, general manager of JFrog Greater China, also introduced JFrog's new channel policy to us. JFrog global sales strategy is based on direct sales, directly facing users to carry out business. Due to the rapid development, the future plans to support small and medium-sized customers through more partners, and issued a new channel policy to encourage more channel partners to join the business.

In China, JFrog has been adjusted since the beginning of 2022, from the original single-channel partner model to multi-regional, multi-partner cooperation model. At present, JFrog has local partners in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hong Kong and Taiwan to better serve customers. JFrog hopes to expand China's successful experience to the world and attract more partners to participate in the business. JFrog has a platform in China that includes seven core products, the most critical of which are product library and XRAY. Business in China is growing rapidly, more than doubling in 2023, mainly driven by increased demand for digital transformation.

For different partners, JFrog has formulated a policy different from the traditional distribution, emphasizing win-win cooperation with all partners without grading. JFrog is willing to provide technical resources and support, including POC, testing, etc., to help partners better serve customers. JFrog hopes to train partners to improve their ability to communicate and test with customers independently. The Agent partner Program aims to enhance its ability to provide more value-added services to its customers.

JFrog is actively seeking to expand its business in both the global and Chinese markets, through a variety of partner models, policies and training programs to achieve a wider range of customer service and cooperation. Dong Renyuan, general manager of JFrog Greater China, also said that in the future, they look forward to working with partners to further accelerate business growth.

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