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Smart retail layout accelerated, entropy-based technology unveiled Huicong Internet of things brand event won two awards

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Shulou( Report--

On December 7, the 2023 (20th) China Internet of Things Industry Conference and Brand Event (hereinafter referred to as "HC Internet of Things Brand Event") jointly sponsored by HC Internet of Things, HC Security Network and HC Electronic Network was held in Hangzhou. With excellent technological innovation ability and strong brand comprehensive strength, Entropy Technology won two awards: "Intelligent IoT Innovation Enterprise of 2023" and "Leading Brand of Entrance and Exit Control of 2023." At the same time, Entropy Technology was invited to participate in the conference and delivered a keynote speech, sharing innovative achievements and implementation practices in the field of smart retail around the development trend of "AI + digital signage" cloud service in the new retail industry.

Today, the application of AI, Internet of Things, cloud computing, big data and other digital technologies in all aspects of retail is helping retail enterprises to build customer-centered service strategies, comprehensively improve the intelligent level of enterprises, and complete the transformation of smart retail.

Based on deep insight into the global retail market, as a brand-new commercial brand of entropy-based smart retail, Entropy-based Cloud integrates creative advertising content resources, provides one-stop scenario solutions, Internet of Things infrastructure and intelligent commercial cloud services for the "AI + digital signage" track of pan-retail and catering industry, accelerates the transformation of traditional retail industry to data-driven smart retail, and helps retail customers create greater business value.

During the conference, Xiang Yang, head of Entropy Cloud Marketing Department, introduced in detail the brand-new value brought by digital signage operations to the retail industry. He said that based on AI, digital signage, big data and other digital technologies, accurate analysis of the behavior of consumers entering stores, while providing personalized marketing and service of "thousands of people" for consumers, it helps the retail industry to realize intelligence, improve commercial marketing efficiency and service quality, and thus enhance the brand competitiveness of enterprises in the market.

In the wave of smart retail evolution, Entropy Technology will always adhere to the concept of "concentric cooperation and win-win," work hand in hand with partners to provide professional and personalized retail Internet of Things infrastructure and business services for more brands.

In 2023 (20th), China Internet of Things Industry Conference and Brand Grand Meeting took "intelligent transformation and reconstruction, creating and introducing the future" as the theme. It joined 1000 + enterprises in the Internet of Things industry to participate in the selection activities. Dozens of senior industry experts, university doctoral guides and leaders of security and electronics associations endorsed the brand selection authority and integrated the four dimensions of "enterprise scale, profitability, product/technology innovation ability, brand awareness and influence". Select industry "Oscar".

The award of "Intelligent IoT Innovation Enterprise in 2023" and "Leading Brand of Entrance and Exit Control in 2023" is an affirmation and commendation for the adherence to high-quality development of entropy-based technology, as well as an embodiment of the company's long-term persistence in innovation and continuous improvement of brand influence. In the future, Entropy-based Technology will continue to adhere to innovation-driven and globalization, deeply cultivate in the fields of smart entrance and exit, smart identity verification, smart office and smart retail, and devote itself to making high-quality products and efficient solutions benefit more people, more industries and more cities around the world.

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