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TCL released small blue wing P7 Xinfeng air conditioner: support Huawei, small ecology, equipped with Microsoft intelligent assistant

2024-02-28 Update From: SLTechnology News&Howtos shulou NAV: SLTechnology News&Howtos > IT Information >


Shulou( Report-- December 12 news, December 10, TCL small blue wing P7 new air conditioning product conference held in Beijing Water Cube, small blue wing P7 officially released, bringing three major upgrades.

Comfort TCL small blue wing P7 fresh air conditioning is equipped with the brand new small blue wing cool techs Pro, through quadruple noise reduction technology, the lowest mute can reach 16 dB (A), 30 dB (A) mute fresh air at 30m ³/ h fresh air volume; the product is quadruple filtered by HEPA filter and upgraded to the brand new TVOC gas monitoring sensor.

In order to solve the problem of "cold and heat caused by indoor temperature fluctuation" when users use air conditioning, the TCL blue wing P7 is equipped with fuzzy control, expert PID algorithm and AI time domain prediction algorithm to control the room temperature fluctuation within ±0.3 ℃.

Energy-saving TCL small blue wing P7 fresh air conditioner is claimed to be the first in the industry to create an oversized cross-flow fan in the internal machine and an extra-large axial flow fan in the external machine, which can achieve the annual energy consumption efficiency of the small blue wing by 5.6%, which is 10% higher than the national standard. In terms of energy saving, the air conditioner uses AI time domain prediction algorithm, which can predict the temperature and optimize the temperature in real time, which can avoid excessive dehumidification and excessive cooling.

Intelligent interactive TCL small blue wing P7 fresh air conditioner is equipped with offline voice module, equipped with double wheat control system, with sound source positioning function, can achieve the effect of "wind blowing to people" or "wind avoiding people blowing", and can accurately supply air to users.

In terms of smart ecology, the small Blue Wing P7 Xinfeng air conditioner and TCL App are equipped with intelligent assistants launched in cooperation with Microsoft, and ecologically connected with cloud platforms such as Huawei, Baidu, and TCL Swan, which can be controlled by Huawei Smart Life App, small degree speaker, TCL Mini Program, remote control infrared and other ways.

In terms of intelligent learning, the small blue wing P7 fresh air conditioner uses genetic algorithms to learn the user's habits and automatically control the air conditioner. After the air conditioner is connected to the network, all the air conditioner operation data and user setting status will be uploaded to TCL Swan Cloud platform for BI big data learning and analysis. After users use it for a period of time, the air conditioner can automatically learn the user's usage habits, and the air conditioner will operate adaptively according to the user's usage habits.

In the aspect of intelligent scene, the small blue wing P7 fresh air air conditioner has set up some humanized functions, such as: fresh air ventilation, to achieve multi-time timing and rapid ventilation of fresh air. According to the photosensitive state to determine whether to enter the night sleep, automatically enter the sleep mode, automatically reduce the display brightness or turn off the lights, automatically reduce the noise and buzzer volume, but also set many general scene modes, such as: away from home mode, home mode, sleep mode, etc., at the same time, users can also define their own scene mode.

At this press conference, Hayes and Microsoft's two major partners also made their debut. Chen Guipei, general manager of Heidi MCU products, said that TCL air conditioners have jointly built a joint laboratory with Hayth to jointly research and develop AI energy-saving cutting-edge technologies, through AI energy-saving algorithms, real-time optimization, effectively reduce the energy consumption of air conditioning temperature regulation scenes, and at the same time use lightweight MCU RISC-V operators for model training and optimization to improve the energy-saving effect of air conditioners.

Guo Runping, general manager of Microsoft Intelligent Cloud Solutions Division, said that TCL air conditioners and Microsoft have jointly developed an intelligent interactive system, which can understand users' voice instructions more clearly, not only can control the air conditioning switch, temperature adjustment and other functions, but also can intelligently adjust the working mode of air conditioners according to users' preferences and habits, bringing a more comfortable experience. inquiry learned that TCL small blue wing P7 fresh air air conditioner P7 and P7 Air are available, both of which are new first-class energy efficiency, with initial prices of 3399 yuan and 3199 yuan respectively.

▲ Little Blue Wing P7

▲ small blue wing P7 Air TCL small blue wing P73399 yuan direct link TCL small blue wing P7 Air3199 yuan direct link

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