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Xiaomi intelligent cigarette cleaner Xiaobaijing on the shelf: oil-free net without disassembly and washing, with a list price of 2899 yuan

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Shulou( Report--

Thanks to netizens who are very homesick and afraid of the delivery of clues! December 12 news, Xiaomi intelligent cigarette cleaner Xiaobaijing recently put on the platform, the list price of 2899 yuan ( note: whichever is the starting price), the launch time has not been announced.

According to reports, this product uses three patented technologies: the use of aerodynamic technology to form four vortex cyclones above the stove to firmly lock oil fumes, odors and PM2.5 harmful particles from the source; a zigzag suction to form an ultra-high wind speed backward air flow of 12m/s, which takes away lampblack; and the front BLDC fan produces an escape barrier air curtain to form a second lampblack trapping area to reduce human disturbance such as crosswind or spoon.

The product is equipped with the same PM2.5 detector of Mijia air purifier, which monitors the kitchen air in real time, and automatically turns on the cigarette machine when PM2.5 exceeds the standard; the built-in maximum speed can reach 2400r / min DC frequency conversion motor, and the maximum static pressure of the whole machine can reach 900Pa. At the same time, it is equipped with an intelligent chip to automatically sense the flue wind resistance and adjust the wind pressure; the oil-free net-free design is adopted to upgrade the intelligent automatic dry cleaning function and the wind turbine intelligent deoiling.

In addition, the product is also connected to Mijia App and Xiaoai speakers, which can remotely control the cigarette cleaner, match the Mijia stove listed after 2020, and turn on the smoke stove linkage function. Xiaomi Mi Home smoke Cleaner Xiaobaijing 2899 yuan direct link

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