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In the case, how to detonate a new product in Douyin e-commerce? The practical strategy of building new brands all over the world

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Shulou( Report--

A million-level explosive is born every 10 minutes, with a success rate of up to 72% of the new product detonation. Eye-catching data, the most persuasive-today, Douyin e-commerce, has become many brands of new product launch key position.

In the double 11 promotion that has just ended, many brands grasp the growth power of new products and hand over exciting transcripts. Gao Fan shines in the market with a black gold down jacket, winning the first place in a full-cycle women's wear single; Fenjiu launched a limited edition of Sanxingdui, with a single product sales of more than 15 million; Meoguang released a new collagen gun second generation to create a new product of 100 million.

In order to help brands create explosive products, Douyin e-commerce has brought a "four-step new product" practical method to guide brand merchants to improve the success rate of new product management.

In actual combat, many brand merchants have achieved excellent results in detonating new products all over the world: UR invites talent to deeply create and test new products in spring and summer to achieve "pre-made new explosions"; Banana insight into commodity trends, improve efficiency and transformation, and find "new accelerators"; smelly treasure snail powder through global marketing "pull out one", with the help of "recommended bursting point" Glory mobile phones use search as a bridge to open up the two fields, realizing "detonating the whole field"-their new explosive cases will bring reference for more industries and brands.

UR: cooperate with Touda to create new products in advance.

Banana under: deep ploughing trend to optimize shelves to build a new accelerator

Smelly treasure: out of the circle all over the world, we recommend the burying point.

Glory: searching and bridging in series with two fields detonating the whole field

Or shelf growth driven by content, or global growth driven by integrated marketing. Today, Douyin e-commerce provides a variety of growth paths for the explosion of new brand products. The practical exploration of brand merchants has proved the value of "finding the right path" and connecting the field to detonate new products: UR interacts with people to find selling points, which improves the certainty of the success of new products; plantain insight into commodity trends, layout first, and the ability of exposure and transformation of new products; stinky snail powder and talent cooperate in a global and deep way to pry up flow opportunities and make new products out of the circle. Glory will be carried on in the layout of the whole scene, and the new products will be detonated and come naturally.

The case of brand merchants confirms that new brand products can break out in Douyin e-commerce. " Douyin e-commerce new product four steps "covers the whole cycle of new product prefabrication to global detonation, and points out the whole path of attracting new product users, polishing new product selling points, laying out new product content and transformation points. Complete display and combination of Douyin e-commerce new product detonation of the inherent logic, in the implementation of the brand merchants to enhance the certainty of new product management, lay the foundation for a new" critical war ".

In the future, more practical cases of new products from different industries and different brands will continue to emerge in Douyin e-commerce. Tomorrow "new product on the new explosive platform three major support policies" will also be presented here, please look forward to it!

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