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Geely Galaxy E8 model starts pre-sale on December 16: access to Meizu Flyme Link, positioning pure electric flagship

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According to news on December 12, Geely Galaxy announced today that the Galaxy E8 model will be pre-sold on December 16, positioning as "China's new generation pure electric flagship". The first batch of exhibition cars have covered 105 stores in 20 cities across the country, including Shanghai, Hangzhou and Beijing.

Geely Galaxy E8, which has previously appeared at the 2023 Guangzhou Auto Show, is the first model of Geely Galaxy's "Intelligent Pure Electric E Series", based on the vast architecture of Geely Group SEA. New car length 5010mm, wide 1920mm, high 1465mm, wheelbase 2925mm.

In the 2023 Meizu autumn unbounded ecology conference, Geely Galaxy E8 official announced access to the Flyme Link mobile domain, the first equipped with "three fingers task transfer", support "address transfer on the car" and other classic functions.

From the outside, the Galaxy E8 headlight group shows an upward momentum, and the new glowing square matrix Logo fits on top of the front grille. The side of the body uses a dynamic back-sliding design and provides a hidden door handle. On the rear side, the new car uses the popular penetrating taillights.

In terms of interior decoration, the Galaxy E8 is equipped with a 45-inch "8K Unbounded Wisdom screen", accounting for 98% of the screen; it is equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 8295 processor and an AI computing power of up to 30 TOPS; the passenger provides a 180-degree reclining seat and an administrative rear seat.

In terms of power, the car is equipped with high-performance SiC silicon carbide electric drive, supports long range of 665km, is equipped with 800V extremely fast flash charge, officially claims to last 180km for 5 minutes, accelerates 3.49s at zero speed, and successfully passes the Milu test at the speed of 82km/h.

For information about the price of this new car, interested friends can follow up on 's follow-up report.

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