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Perfect World Edie: virtual and real resonance to promote cultural exchanges and cooperation between China, Japan and South Korea

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Shulou( Report--

From December 7 to 8, the 16th China-Japan-ROK Cultural Industry Forum was held in Tokyo, Japan. Edie, senior vice president and editor-in-chief of Perfect World Group, was invited to attend the forum and delivered a keynote speech on "Resonance between reality and reality to promote the Innovation and Integration of China, Japan and South Korea's Entertainment Industry".

The picture shows Edie delivering a speech at the 16th China-Japan-South Korea Cultural Industry Forum.

The China-Japan-ROK Cultural Industry Forum was founded in January 2002 and is held alternately in China, Japan and South Korea every year, aiming at strengthening cultural exchanges and deepening cultural industry cooperation among the three countries, establishing a cultural cooperation mechanism among the three countries, and promoting regional stability and prosperity. This forum, focusing on the background of the current vigorous development of digital science and technology, mainly focused on "promoting exchanges and cooperation in the digital culture industry of China, Japan and South Korea".

With the rapid development of digital technology and the increasing demand of people, the entertainment industry is showing unprecedented prosperity. A variety of digital technologies have been applied to many areas of the entertainment industry, such as games e-sports, film and television, music, offline performances and so on, making the entertainment content increasingly rich and diversified. China, Japan and South Korea have unique advantages in digital technology and entertainment culture industry, and have great potential for cooperation and development with each other.

"the development of the entertainment industry in China, Japan and South Korea is based on local culture, showing increasingly rich content and diversified presentation," Edie said. at a time of in-depth application of science and technology, strengthening cooperation among China, Japan and South Korea in the field of digital technology will bring more room for imagination for the development of the entertainment industry. "

How to effectively promote exchanges and cooperation in the field of digital technology between China, Japan and South Korea, and promote the entertainment industry to achieve a win-win situation, the speech focused on the important role of four areas.

First, strengthen the application of technical cooperation. At present, China, Japan and South Korea all pay attention to the development of digital technology and the international development trend of entertainment industry. In the future, there is a broad space for cooperation in 5G, AI, cloud computing, VR, meta-universe and other technological fields.

Second, virtual and real resonance, cross-border empowerment. The application of digital technology in the entertainment industry is far from games, e-sports and other products. The entertainment industry of China, Japan and South Korea needs to apply digital technology to broader fields such as culture, promote cultural exchanges between China, Japan and South Korea, and promote the transformation and upgrading of related industries.

The third is to promote international development and promote cultural exchange and integration. Adopt the way of global cultural integration, absorb overseas culture, and spread Chinese culture in a way that overseas users can understand.

Fourth, strengthen the training of joint talents. Promote in-depth cooperation among universities in China, Japan and South Korea, and cultivate entertainment + digital technology talents with more comprehensive professional coverage and global vision through "Sino-foreign cooperation" and "school-enterprise coordination".

In the speech, Edie specially introduced the relevant achievements made by Perfect World in adopting the development strategy of "virtual and real resonance". As an enterprise in the field of culture and entertainment, Perfect World has been actively involved in the promotion and innovation of digital technology to the entertainment industry, and has rich practical experience and exploration achievements.

In recent years, Perfect World has rapidly applied AI, VR and other digital technologies to his products. Its self-developed virtual digital human has developed many efficient tools and processes, and can even programmatically generate the animation of playing musical instruments and become one of the few digital people who can play musical instruments on the market. In terms of "virtual and real resonance", the company has developed an experience project for CityGame digital script tour. Using game thinking, XR technology and physical scenic spot integration attempt, through the combination of online and offline screenplay games, guided by mobile phone AR, the core values, experience and commercial success of the scenic area will be linked together.

Cultural exchanges and cooperation between China, Japan and South Korea has a long history and has a good basis for cooperation. In the future, as long as dialogue and mutual learning are strengthened, mutual understanding can be enhanced and cooperation and common development can be achieved. Not only in the entertainment industry, but also in other broader cultural fields, the three sides will have broader prospects for cooperation.

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