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Shopee's 12.12th birthday promoted the opening ceremony, and the cross-border volume increased 17-fold in the first two hours.

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Shulou( Report--

December 12, 2023, China-leading e-commerce platform Shopee's 12.12th birthday promotes the opening of today. With the end of the year holiday season approaching, consumers' shopping desire has been stimulated again: the cross-border unit volume in the first 2 hours has increased to 17 times that of the weekday simultaneous segment, and the cross-border new sellers have performed prominently, rising to 95 times of the weekday simultaneous segment; domestic brands have led the new consumption trend, increasing the Shopee Mall unit volume to 30 times of the weekday simultaneous segment. Mobile phone tablets and accessories, make-up, women's wear, fashion accessories and home life are the most popular cross-border categories.

As of 2 a.m., consumers in Southeast Asia have shown unprecedented enthusiasm for Shopee's 12.12th birthday:

Electronic categories: consumers in Southeast Asia have taken advantage of year-end discounts to buy 3C home appliances. Cross-border mobile phones, tablets, headphones, keyboards and mice are popular. Household appliances such as ovens and vacuum cleaners have increased by 40 times more than usual at the same time. In addition, in order to record the unforgettable moments of the festival, the volume of photographic camera products such as Polaroid cameras, automatic digital cameras and sports cameras has increased significantly.

Fashion category: year-end seasonal wear, the rise of travel demand, driving sweaters, women's boots, suitcases and other categories to lead the increase, the sale of two-hour single volume is 30 times more than the usual simultaneous segment. In addition, as Christmas approaches, fashionistas are keen to buy accessories such as antlers, hair bands and Christmas hats to match their holiday costumes. Baby products such as jumpsuits and children's socks with Christmas elements are very popular with "baby mothers".

Fast consumer goods category: in order to meet the rich party activities at the end of the year, make-up tools, eye makeup and other make-up products have been snapped up, and the amount of facial cosmetics has increased to 40 times at the same time; more and more consumers have invested in the health of themselves and their families. Health food and nutrition ushered in a hoarding trend at the end of the year.

Category of life: with the rise of household renovated consumption at the time of bidding farewell to the New year and welcoming the New year, household products such as high-quality holiday decorations and atmosphere lamps sell well in Southeast Asia, and the unit volume increases to 20 times in the first 2 hours. Wallpaper window stickers, flowers and other festive atmosphere feel good things at home has become a popular choice, balloons and other party-related supplies increased sharply.

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