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Tencent is invited to participate in the COP28 "innovative Technology" Forum to accelerate global cooperation in low-carbon innovative technologies.

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On December 12, the 28th United Nations Climate change Conference (COP28) is about to close in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. With the theme of "unity, action and implementation", the conference has been highly concerned by the international community.

Among them, Xu Hao, vice president of sustainable social values and head of the carbon neutralization Laboratory of Tencent, was invited to give a keynote speech at the Global Climate Action Initiative-innovative Technologies Forum, jointly organized by the UNFCCC of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate change and the chair of COP28. Xu Hao mentioned in his speech that climate change is a global problem and needs to find the best solution on a global scale. The Global low-carbon Innovation Alliance (Innovate for Climate Tech Coalition), led by the United Arab Emirates, the chair of COP28, and jointly launched by Tencent and global partners such as Masdar City and Catalyst, is aimed at accelerating global cooperation in low-carbon technologies so that innovative technologies can find the best soil for development on a global scale.

In his opening speech, Sarah Al Amiri, Minister of Public Education and Advanced Technology of the United Arab Emirates, said that in order to limit the increase in global average temperature to less than 1.5 °C compared with the pre-industrial level (1850-1900) within this century, we must cut greenhouse gas emissions by 43% over the next seven years. Without the development and use of "every technical lever", we will not be able to achieve this goal. She pointed out that the Global Alliance for low-carbon Innovation is a groundbreaking new initiative launched at the 28th United Nations Climate change Conference, which will support the development and development of climate technology and truly promote global cooperation and development of low-carbon technologies.

The following is the content of Xu Hao's speech:

I am very happy to participate in the theme sharing, and I am honored to share some of our ideas with you on behalf of the Global Alliance for low-carbon Innovation.

The goal of the Global Alliance for low-carbon Innovation is to accelerate technological innovation in the field of global climate. What is "accelerated innovation"? "accelerated innovation" means that the technology must first be verified in the laboratory, can significantly reduce the cost of technology, and can be greatly promoted in application scenarios. We believe that the Global Alliance for low-carbon Innovation can play the following roles in accelerating innovation:

First of all, we want to really look at the world, which means that we can match low-carbon technologies and application scenarios around the world, so that technology can find the most suitable soil for development. For example, the Middle East region has the best light resources in the world. In the future, the cost of solar power generation here will be one of the lowest in the world, bringing many development opportunities for the green hydrogen industry and related downstream industries. Whether as a raw material for the production of certain materials or as an energy source to drive downstream industries, green hydrogen has great potential in the United Arab Emirates. We also hope to use similar methods to promote energy transformation, help industries that are difficult to reduce emissions, promote nature-based solutions, and so on, to find low-carbon technologies and accelerate their innovation on a global scale. and expand the application of low-carbon technologies in the best locations in the world.

Secondly, in addition to global cooperation, we believe that we have a responsibility to improve the efficiency and differentiation of global communication. Climate change is a truly global problem, and we need to find the best solution on a global scale. We have used Tencent's digital capabilities to create a digital platform, carbon LIVE International, which is also the first landing initiative of the Global Alliance for low-carbon Innovation, hoping to connect demand and supply, such as connecting startups and investors, and connecting low-carbon technology solutions to the demand side. Use this global digital platform to improve communication efficiency and transparency in the climate field, and accelerate the innovation of low-carbon technologies.

At present, the Global low-carbon Innovation Alliance already has more than 30 partners from different fields, including consulting companies, institutions, enterprises, investors and think tanks. We think we can combine a top-down approach to climate change reduction with bottom-up corporate behavior to inject confidence and work with global partners to deal with climate change.

The establishment of the Global Alliance for low-carbon Innovation is just the beginning of our journey, and we believe it will be a global plan that will really advance the global climate agenda in the future.

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