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Perfect World holding Group won Golden Bee Outstanding Corporate Social responsibility report Award

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On December 8, the 16th International Symposium on China Corporate Social responsibility reporting, sponsored by China Business Council for Sustainable Development and Golden Bee think Tank, was held in Beijing. At the same time, the meeting released the "Golden Bee 2023 Outstanding Corporate Social responsibility report". "Perfect World holding Group 2022 Sustainable Development report" stood out from 2407 evaluation reports and won the "Golden Bee 2023 Outstanding Corporate Social responsibility report growth Enterprise Award".

As the earliest professional activity focusing on social responsibility information disclosure in the field of corporate social responsibility and sustainable development in China, the cumulative evaluation report of "Golden Bee Outstanding Corporate Social responsibility report" has exceeded 20,000, and more than 1000 reports from more than 300 enterprises are on the list, which has become a professional platform for comprehensively displaying excellent corporate social responsibility reports and enterprises. It has also strongly promoted the improvement of the quantity and quality of CSR reports in China.

With the continuous standardization of regulation and the enhancement of social expectations, more in-depth information disclosure and pluralistic communication around the issue of social responsibility to improve the quality and transparency of information disclosure is becoming the consensus and direction of global enterprises.

As the world's leading cultural and entertainment industry group, Perfect World Holdings Group has established a standardized, standardized and normalized report management mechanism to accurately disclose corporate performance information, enhance the ability of sustainable development, and shape responsible brands. Perfect World Holdings Group set up a report preparation team with clear powers and responsibilities and reasonable division of labor, co-ordinated and led the whole process of report preparation; built an ESG management index system with environmental, social and governance levels, involving 30 issues and 115 key indicators, tamped the foundation of corporate social responsibility information disclosure; innovated the form of report disclosure, produced videos, long pictures and other extended content, and expanded the channels for the dissemination of corporate social responsibility information. Up to now, Perfect World holding Group has issued sustainable development reports for seven consecutive years, comprehensively demonstrating the responsibility of enterprises to integrate sustainable development and social responsibility into the whole process of corporate development. According to the joint review of the "Economic Guide for Sustainable Development" and the Golden Bee think tank, "Perfect World holding Group 2022 Sustainable Development report" systematically demonstrates Perfect World holding Group through "technology empowerment, mission responsibility, benevolence and righteousness". With high-quality spiritual and cultural supply, to explore the responsibility practice of cross-border integration of digital technology, cultural industry and real economy. The report focuses on the substance of the content, solid data, high readability and rich cases. It is an excellent report full of vitality and creativity aimed at 'creating happiness, spreading culture and achieving dreams'.

Social responsibility information disclosure is an important window for stakeholders to understand corporate social responsibility, and corporate social responsibility practice is the basis of corporate responsibility information disclosure. In the future, Perfect World holding Group will further enhance the performance level of social responsibility issues such as product innovation, cultural inheritance, staff development and social welfare, and promote corporate governance to a higher standard. to achieve sustainable development and create more new value for society at the same time.

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