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The 2023 OPPO ColorOS Global Creator Competition ended, witnessing the growing ecological prosperity of Pantanal.

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Shulou( Report--

The 2023 OPPO ColorOS Global Creator Competition ended successfully in Kuala Lumpur on December 11, Beijing time. After fierce competition, Demo presentation and judges'Q & An in the final, ten teams showed extremely high technical literacy, and finally End2End, Daily Helper and Jike Squad won the first Platinum Award, the second Gold Award and the third Silver Award respectively.

At the scene of the final, Zhang Jun, general manager of OPPO Software Innovation Center, said in his opening speech: "since Pantanal's commercial landing, thanks to the three developers who have come along with us, we have jointly created a lot of smart product experience for users, which is a very good starting point. In the future, we hope to work with developers around the world to create a more user-aware and intelligent experience."

The ability of Pantanal system is on the ground to achieve development, innovation and efficiency.

Since 2021, OPPO has held the "ColorOS Global Creator Competition" worldwide for two consecutive years. This year's competition focuses on the Asia-Pacific region with the theme of "Pantanal: ubiquitous Service, Smart Life", focusing on scenarios such as life services, travel and leisure and entertainment. Participants are encouraged to conceive scenarios and design interactive forms by learning Pantanal system and developing intelligent services under relevant scenarios. Help to explore new forms of services in the local market in the Asia-Pacific region. Since its launch in July, the whole competition has lasted for more than 150 days and has attracted more than 200 teams from more than 50 countries and regions around the world.

As an integral part of the innovative ecological construction of "Pantanal", the Pantanal system capabilities provided by this competition, including the new interaction fluid cloud just released by the OPPO developer Conference not long ago, all support overseas developers to call, provide an adaptive interaction framework and developer tools to support integrated template code writing, and achieve multi-terminal adaptation in one development. Rapid transfer of more than 200 situational capabilities, support for cross-end intelligent flow of 4 types of devices and 12 entrances, reducing the development workload to a minimum of 1 person-day. At the same time, it provides documentation guidelines including video courses, article guides and Codelabs, as well as development kits such as Pantanal system IDE and Pantanal system development framework to help developers get started quickly.

The continuous rise of global innovation forces to promote the steady expansion of ecology.

The 2023 OPPO ColorOS Global Creator Competition focuses on three core scenarios, supplemented by a series of newly upgraded developer services, resulting in a large number of excellent works, of which ten are finalists. These works cover a variety of scenes such as navigation, social networking, learning, health and so on. The final lasted more than three hours, and a jury composed of OPPO experts and industry experts in the Asia-Pacific region measured the works in terms of application prospects, innovation and other aspects, and selected the top three winning teams in the world on the spot, and each team will receive corresponding competition bonuses to promote the incubation of the project and the landing of the products.

The transportation and service project "NavOpp" of Malaysian team End2End won unanimous recognition among the judges and won the first place. The project is an application that provides cross-device support for transportation and services. relying on Pantanal's context-aware capabilities, the application realizes the seamless flow of information and services, reduces steps for daily commuting and travel, and saves time. Make ubiquitous services more extensible.

The second place is the service project "OPPO Pay" of the Malaysian team Daily Helper. As an application that provides faster and secure services for users, it can help local users in Southeast Asia track and manage expenses more intelligently. The top three in the world is the project "The Solution for Nearby Service Recommendations" from the Chinese team Jike Squad. With Pantanal's deep perception and service portfolio ability, the application aggregates discount and discount information from nearby shopping malls and automatically recommends discount information from nearby merchants based on the location of the user.

Through the OPPO ColorOS Global Creator Competition, OPPO connects developers around the world, and with the support of Pantanal system capabilities, developers reduce their workload and do not have to come into contact with the complex hardware underlying layer. In the future, OPPO will also work with overseas developers to serve outbound users in mainland China and expand new increments. Bring immediate and convenient application download and service direct solution for outbound users.

AI innovation ability supports Pantanal system to create a smart life for 600 million users.

With the advent of generative AI, Pantanal system has also evolved after the enhancement of AI innovation ability, and context awareness ability provides a more diverse basis for intention understanding. In the future, Pantanal system will actively explore the integration of large model cutting-edge AI technology to expand the boundaries of intelligent services.

Based on the open capability of the Pantanal system, OPPO ColorOS will continue to provide developers with a cutting-edge technology base and a communication platform for demonstrating ideas and technologies, bringing developers, entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial teams together, using extreme technology to promote technological development, developing and implementing innovative solutions, and creating a smarter life for 600 million ColorOS users.

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