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The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology announced the latest list of new energy vehicles exempt from vehicle purchase tax: Xiaomi SU7 has the highest range of 800km.

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Thanks to netizens for the delivery of clues from the road paving company and the clue delivery company. news on December 12, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology today released a catalogue of new energy vehicles exempted from vehicle purchase tax (72nd batch), in which people are more concerned about the millet car SU7.

According to the data of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, this model, announced by Beijing Automobile Group off-road vehicle Co., Ltd., is divided into two models: 101kWh battery and 73.6kWh battery, with a range of 800/750km and 668/628km respectively (the difference should be caused by the size of the wheel hub), and should be a long-lasting version and a performance version.

Combined with previous intelligence, the 73.6kWh version uses BYD Fudi's iron phosphate lithium battery, which is a 400V high voltage platform with two driving forces, while the 101kWh is equipped with Ningde era ternary lithium battery, based on 800V high voltage platform and uses four-wheel drive power.

In addition to Xiaomi SU7, the catalogue also includes the following popular models that are about to be launched:

Ideal MEGA:102.7 kWh battery life is 710 km

Polar Krypton 007 Vortex 75.6 kWh Battery Life 688 km,100.01 kWh Battery Life 723 Universe 770 km,100.01 kWh 870 km

Galaxy E8VR 75.6 kWh battery life 620 km

Zero run C10Rank 69.9 kWh battery life 530 km

According to, there are three versions of Xiaomi SU7 that have been declared by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology: SU7, Pro and Max, and there seems to be only Xiaomi SU7 on the public list.

The car offers two different versions of single motor and dual motor, the former motor power is 220KW, the maximum speed is 210km / h, the latter two motor power are 220KW and 275KW, the maximum speed is 265 km/h.

Data from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology show that the length, width and height of Xiaomi SU7 is 4997mm*1963mm*1455mm, the wheelbase is 3000mm, the length, width and height of SU7 Max is 4997mm*1963mm*1440mm, and the wheelbase is 3000mm.

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