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As soon as cue is added, Xiaomi Lu Weibing shares the cause of "gap" and "dispensing": the quality must be strictly controlled.

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According to news on December 12, Lu Weibing, partner, president of Xiaomi Group, president of international department, and general manager of Redmi brand, shared the causes of the "gap" and "dispensing" accident on Weibo. The "gap" was mainly caused by four factors:

The battery cover / camera Deco / middle frame is made of three different materials

Because the whole machine is too thick (9.15mm), the R angle is forced to become very large, so the gap will become larger accordingly.

There are all brands of design tolerances, but the tolerance standards are different, and if the quality control tolerance standards are loose, it will become a "gap".

The positive and negative tolerances of the incoming materials enlarge the "gap" twice, which is the visual effect that we can see from "gap" to "hole".

The emergency solution to the "gap" accident is "dispensing". However, if you do not return to the dust-free factory operation, it is easy to stick to foreign bodies.

Glue is not transparent, so we can see the effect after dispensing, will form obvious white pull marks, because it is manual operation, so the shape is different, each has its own advantages. It does not affect the use, but affects the senses. If you do not pay attention to the exquisite appearance, it is not a big problem to use it. noticed that Xiaomi's "fight" with Yijia was caused by a Weibo post by Lu Weibing, who asked professional staff to make a professional analysis and cause of the accident on the recent "gap" and "dispensing" accident of the new machine. Caused some netizens to post pictures, mostly one plus 12 models.

Subsequently, Li Jie, president of one Canada China, responded, saying that "it is not a quality or design problem" and promised that customer service had been asked to open a green channel and that replacement or return would respond as soon as possible.

For Lu Weibing's statement, Li Jie said that "some brand executives frequently maliciously mislead the public, this is a very rare bad behavior."

Wang Teng, general manager of the Redmi market and spokesman for the Redmi brand, joined the "battlefield", popularizing science screen peak brightness and manual brightness, and said that "peak brightness" products are relatively common when announcing "peak brightness" products. Competitors change their new products to 4500nit after learning that the peak brightness of K70Pro can reach 4000nit, and reflect "product strength first" by forcibly pulling parameters.

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