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Lingke 09 model push LYNK OS N 1.2.2 upgrade: optimized steering wheel automatic heating, multimedia song playback

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Shulou( Report--

Thanks to netizen sutton for the clue delivery! December 12 news, LinkedIn 09 push LYNK OS N 1.2.2 version upgrade, optimize the steering wheel automatic heating, multimedia song playback function.

Updates are attached to

Optimize the automatic heating function of steering wheel

When the driving mode is switched to economic mode or pure electric extended range mode, the steering wheel automatic heating switch will not be turned off.

The economic model is suitable for Lecker 09 EM-P performance version, and the pure electric extended range mode is suitable for Lecker 09 EM-P cruise version.

The steering wheel heating function is limited to six seats PM of 09 EM-P, seven seats of PM of 09 EM-P, six seats of HALO of 09 MHEV, six seats of ULTRA of 09 MHEV, seven seats of HALO of 09 MHEV.

Optimize the function of playing multimedia songs

Solve the problem of occasional song cutting and display when playing songs in multimedia.

Update process:

Task download: this task is downloaded silently. After the "remote update" task is pushed in the background, the vehicle will be downloaded automatically in the process of using the car.

Select Update: after the task download is completed, if the vehicle meets the update conditions, an update confirmation interface will appear. Users can choose "Update now", "make an appointment to update" or "postpone update".

System update: after confirming the update lock, the vehicle will begin a 6-8-minute renewal preparation period. After the preparation period is completed, the vehicle will officially start the system update, which cannot be unlocked and opened from outside the vehicle.

Update completed: after the update is completed, the user can use the vehicle normally. After getting on the bus, the car will prompt that the system has been updated successfully. Start the vehicle again and update the machine to the latest system.

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