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Nvidia 546.33 graphics card driver released: support for the new book "THE FINALS"

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Thanks to netizens for the delivery of clues!, December 12 (Xinhua)-- Nvidia today released a 546.33 graphics driver for its new book "THE FINALS". It also supports the fifth chapter of "Fortnite (Fortnite)" and its three new game modes, as well as DLSS 3, DLAA and Reflex support for "Tactical team (Squad)."

According to Nvidia, running "THE FINALS" at 4K resolution, DLSS can improve performance by an average of twice as much when RayTracing and maximum settings are enabled, and achieve a smooth 100 + FPS gaming experience on GeForce RTX 4070 and above graphics cards, with a frame rate of up to 226 FPS on GeForce RTX 4090. Nvidia said that if the "THE FINALS" frame rate is fast enough, consider turning on NVIDIA DLAA, an anti-aliasing mode based on AI that uses the same technology developed for DLSS to process native resolution images to maximize image quality.

Introduction to the game "THE FINALS" attached to

"THE FINALS", a free shooting game launched by Embark Studios, takes a highly breakable world as the stage, and each game is unique. Players can form teams of three to participate in the competition, and the team with the lowest ranking will be eliminated and compete for the championship through an one-on-one final. The goal is to collect, carry and store trophies-the team with the least harvest will be eliminated. But the competition between teams escalates the uncontrollability of the results, leaving players in a state of adventure and excitement in every game.

The game was officially launched on XSX / S, PS5 and PC platforms on December 8. On the first day of launch, the Steam platform reached a 24-hour online peak of 200677 people.

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