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Apple iPhone 16 look ahead: add operation button and photo button, adjust camera island design

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Shulou( Report-- December 13 news, foreign technology media MacRumors released a blog post today, sharing information about Apple's iPhone 16 standard model. quoted the media as saying that the design and development of the standard version of Apple's iPhone 16 is still in its early stages, and Apple engineers call it "DeLorean", which may be different from the final retail version.

Design according to the current internal information, Apple has designed a number of iPhone 16 prototypes.

The yellow prototype has an operation button with a coherent volume button and a camera island design similar to the iPhone X on the back.

The pink prototype is equipped with operation buttons and independent mechanical volume buttons, while the black prototype is equipped with larger operation buttons and special photo buttons.

Camera Island Adjustment Apple has tested a variety of camera island solutions, and compared with the existing diagonal design, the new model tries to design vertically to enhance device recognition.

But reports say Apple is experimenting with two different camera bulges:

IPhone 12 style design, square camera island, but vertical camera scheme

IPhone X style design, using pill shape design.

Compared to the iPhone 15, the flash positions of the two designs are the same, indicating that Apple does not intend to change the position of the flash.

There is no tactile volume / power button previously reported that Apple has pushed forward the project with "Project Bongo" internally and plans to redesign the volume and power buttons to bring a new interactive experience in terms of function and appearance.

For volume and power buttons, Project Bongo changes from traditional mechanical buttons to tactile buttons, detects pressure and simulates the pressing of physical buttons by using a vibrating tactile engine (tactile feedback).

The feedback mechanism for the Bongo project to press the tactile button is as follows:

There is a bending sensor under the button to measure the pressure applied to the button.

The strain gauge detects a change in pressure, converts it into a change in resistance, and accurately measures the change.

Send a signal to the main logic board indicating that the button is pressed.

The main logic board issues power supply instructions to the Bongo tactile engine.

Bongo tactile engine vibrates through electromagnetic fields.

Tactile feedback is then generated by vibration, and the slight upward movement toward the finger mimics the feeling of the physical button being pressed.

The module has two strain gauges, one on each side of the button. The strain gauge detects the change in pressure and converts it into a change in resistance in the circuit. A change in resistance leads to a change in voltage, and the potential difference between the two strain gauges is used to determine the location of the pressure origin (volume increases or decreases).

Apple originally planned to use it on the iPhone 15 Pro series, but it was cancelled earlier this year due to a number of technical problems.

The media said that Apple did not go further into the project within the company, and that Apple's iPhone 16 model would still be equipped with mechanical buttons.

The biggest change in the Apple iPhone 15 Pro series is the removal of the mute dipper and the use of the action button instead.

The iPhone 16 series models launched next year will also follow suit, using operation buttons.

Apple is driven by the Project Atlas project internally, but is trying to change the operation button from a mechanical button to a capacitive button.

Add a new photo button Apple tried to install a new button on the right side of iPhone 16 with a new capacitive photo button with the internal development code Project Nova.

At present, there is not much information about Project Nova, in addition to the "touch switch" function, the button will also be equipped with a force sensor.

In addition, the camera button is in the same position as the millimeter wave notch on the iPhone model sold in the United States, so in iPhone 16, the millimeter wave antenna has been moved to the left side of the device.

Continue to use Smart Island and the front of the USB-C port iPhone 16 without any significant change, the opportunity to continue to use Smart Island, the basic model iPhone 16 is expected to be equipped with a similar display screen to its predecessor, without significant differences. Like iPhone 15, iPhone 16 has a USB-C port at the bottom of the device.

Color as far as color is concerned, early prototypes had three colors: yellow, pink and midnight.

Summary: the overall appearance of iPhone 16 will not be greatly adjusted. The main updates are:

Vertical camera arrangement, possibly similar to iPhone 12

New capacitive camera button

Capacitive operation button

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