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Tesla was frustrated in Cybertruck cross-country test and was rescued by other pickups after being trapped in the car.

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Shulou( Report--, December 13 (Xinhua) recently, some netizens found that a Tesla Cybertruck was trapped during the cross-country test and was rescued with the help of other pickups.

Tesla has been promoting Cybertruck as a pickup with excellent off-road performance. In terms of technical parameters, the car is equipped with a responsive all-wheel drive system and a suspension with a 12-inch stroke and 17-inch ground clearance, but we have not yet seen the pickup tested independently in the real world.

More importantly, although it has begun to deliver to customers, Tesla is still testing Cybertruck's off-road capabilities.

Recently, a prototype Tesla Cybertruck was found on Corral Hollow OHV Cross-country Road in Bear Valley, California. The car was trapped on the side of the road and needed the help of other pickups to get out.

Although the ground is covered with a small amount of snow, it doesn't seem to be enough to cause trouble for the Cybertruck with off-road tires and all-wheel drive. Instagram users who posted the images said that due to software problems, vehicles could not use differential locks. noted that Tesla is currently deploying new off-road software for Cybertruck, including a new feature called "wading mode", which pressurizes the battery pack when wading.

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