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Science and technology last night this morning 1213: Xiaomi refuted Huawei Yu Chengdong: unprovoked false remarks about the "keel shaft" technology; the top ten network terms of 2023; Xiaomi's real car was exposed on the road, which is better than the "ID

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Hello, everyone. It is Wednesday, December 13, 2023. Today's important technological information is:

1. Xiaomi refutes Huawei Yu Chengdong's unwarranted false remarks about the "keel hinge" technology, which is seriously inconsistent with the facts. A spokesman for Xiaomi issued an official Weibo announcement at noon on December 12, saying that Huawei Yu Chengdong's unprovoked false remarks about the company's "keel hinge" technology are seriously inconsistent with the facts. Recently, some netizens posted a video. At the 2023 Huawei Pollen Annual meeting last weekend, Yu Chengdong said, "people directly plagiarized and made it into their own name, right? you also know that ours is a double water drop hinge that directly turns into a keel." that keel doesn't exist in the world. > > View details

2. Tencent QQ 9.0 large version update iOS / Android first beta release: interface renovated, group file online preview, Tencent QQ 9.0 big version is coming, and the first test version of iOS (click here to join the test) and Android platform (click here to download) has been released. According to the official introduction of QQ 9, this version brings a "light and refreshing" interface, features such as close friends and mini-nests, free customization of online status, and online preview of group files, such as documents, PPT, etc. > > View details

3. Li Jie responded to the "gap" and "dispensing" of one plus 12 mobile phones: it is not a problem of quality or design. Recently, some netizens have published the manufacturing situation of "gaps" and "dispensing" of one plus 12 mobile phones, which has triggered a heated discussion on the Internet. At noon on December 13, Li Jie, president of one plus China, gave an official response, saying that "it is not a quality or design problem" and promised that customer service would be asked to open a green channel and that replacements or returns would be responded as soon as possible. > > View details

4. Apple Vision Pro is about to be released. It is reported that the supply chain is ready to produce 1 million units a year. According to the interface news, it is exclusively learned from the supply chain that the supply chain is ready to produce 1 million units a year because the capacity bottleneck of the OLEDoS display screen has been broken through by mainland Chinese companies.

Interface News previously reported that Apple's Vision Pro was produced in December, and the proportion of the supply chain in mainland China has increased significantly to 60%. Among them, LinkedIn and Lixun's precision supply value is among the highest in China. After the domestic OLEDoS display suppliers enter the first supply chain, the proportion of the mainland supply chain will also be further improved. > > View details

5. IOS 17.2 official version brings space video recording for iPhone 15 Pro / Max. Apple launched iOS 17.2 official version on December 12. One of the important new features is the ability to shoot space video for iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max. Users can now start using the camera systems on both models to capture precious moments in their lives, and later relive these memories on Apple Vision Pro. > > View details

According to the official account of the Commercial Press, the National language Resources Monitoring and Research Center released the "Top Ten Internet terms of 2023".

The top ten network terms released this time are: Ida Future, fireworks, Mathematical Intelligence Life, Village BA, Special Forces Tourism, eye bag, main xx, dopamine wear, fate's gear starts to turn, new hires. > > View details

7. Glory Zhao Ming posted a Weibo hint that "the future is expected". Zhao Ming, president of Glory Division, is expected to launch a Magic6 Porsche design version. Zhao Ming sent Weibo on December 12, with a number of photos related to Porsche models, with the caption saying, "reveal, the future is expected!" Several users in the comment area believe that this implies that Glory will be linked with Porsche and is expected to launch a special customized version of Glory Magic6 Porsche. Huawei has also launched a series of linkages with Porsche before Glory. > > View details

8. Intel Core 14 generation desktop processor 65W model parameters exposed: 4 core i3 Rui frequency 4.7 GHz Magi 24 core i9 can reach 5.8GHz according to the information provided by the whistleblower "momomo_us", the parameters of Intel Core 14 generation desktop processor 65W model have now been exposed. The parameters of Intel Core 14 generation desktop processor 65W model are as follows:

Intel 300 2 big core + 0 small core, Rui frequency 3.9 GHz

I3-14100 / FRU 4 big core + 0 small core, Rui frequency 4.7GHz

I5-14400 / FRU 6 big cores + 4 small cores, Rui frequency 4.7GHz

I7-14700 / FRU 8 big cores + 12 small cores, Rui frequency 5.4GHz

I9-14900 / FRU 8 big cores + 16 small cores, Rui frequency 5.8GHz > > view details

9. Huawei officially launches Hongmeng Zhihang App: launch of major application markets, support for car control, car purchase and other functions Huawei officially released, Hongmeng Zhihang App is officially released, which can be downloaded from Huawei App Store, App Store and other major application markets. Application details show that Hongmeng App is the official platform of Hongmeng Zhihang, which brings together official information, car booking, intelligent car control, charging service, selected shopping and so on. According to reports, the App currently supports a series of functions such as remote control of cars (locks, windows, trunk, air conditioning, etc.), real-time viewing of vehicles, online booking for test driving, user community, charging maps, and so on. > > View details

Sources say Apple proposes to open the iPhone NFC function in response to the EU Apple Pay antitrust investigation. According to Reuters, Apple has proposed to open its NFC system used by its iPhone in response to the ongoing EU antitrust investigation. Apple's proposal is aimed at "getting rid of regulatory concerns" rather than accepting EU antitrust charges. > > View details

11, domestic mega core first KX-7000 series desktop processors officially released: using the new "Century Avenue" independent kernel micro-architecture and Chiplet interconnection architecture, computing performance improved 2 times, graphics performance improved 4 times megacore December 12 officially launched a new generation of independent research and development of the first KX-7000 series of high-performance desktop processors.

Mega Core said that this series of processors have been completely designed and comprehensively optimized for kernel front-end design, out-of-order execution engine and execution unit, as well as memory access hierarchy, and the computing performance is equivalent to twice that of the previous generation products. at the same time, graphics performance has been improved to 4 times the level of the previous generation > > check the details.

12. Unified letter UOS seamlessly manages iOS and Android device data, which is suitable for Apple iTunes and vivo intercommunication application. Recently, the Deepin Wine team of UniCredit Software announced that it has successfully migrated two applications for data synchronization between mobile and desktop, iTunes and vivo, to facilitate the efficient cooperation and interconnection between UniCredit UOS and other platforms. > > View details

No camouflage! Xiaomi car on the road exposure, better than the "ID photo" there are netizens on the road shot Xiaomi car without camouflage real car on the road, the model in the video is Xiaomi SU7 Max, the overall shape is consistent with the MIIT declaration map, but the color is suspected of green, the tail of the through taillights lit, the line is very smooth, in the sun shining better look, unfortunately did not shoot the front face. > > View details

14. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology announced the latest list of new energy vehicles exempted from vehicle purchase tax: Xiaomi SU7 has the highest driving range 800km. On December 12, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology announced the catalogue of new energy vehicles exempted from vehicle purchase tax (72nd batch), in which there is a relatively concerned millet car SU7.

According to the data of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, this model, announced by Beijing Automobile Group off-road vehicle Co., Ltd., is divided into two models: 101kWh battery and 73.6kWh battery, with a range of 800/750km and 668/628km respectively (the difference should be caused by the size of the wheel hub), and should be a long-lasting version and a performance version. > > View details

15. Huawei's first open headset FreeClip exposure: unique C-shaped design, 8-hour battery life Huawei innovative products conference will be held in Dubai on December 12 local time, according to the poster, there may be new MatePad tablets and open headphones, in addition to overseas markets may also launch products that have been previously released in China. Blogger @ Adak posted a rendering of what claims to be Huawei's first open headset, FreeClip, at the Langjuxu, revealing the appearance of the product in advance. > > View details

That's all for today. Science and technology last night and this morning. I'll see you tomorrow.

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