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[evaluation room] gigabyte ice sculpture X Z790 AORUS PRO AX motherboard evaluation: high appearance, ruthless stacking, and exclusive cool techs

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Today's high-end motherboard market is no longer the era of pure stacking materials, workmanship and stability, after all, many of these aspects of entry or middle motherboard has been very curly. The price of the high-end motherboard is basically more than 3000, and consumers have higher and higher requirements for the appearance, tone and humanized design of the motherboard. Without one, you may not be able to grab your own users and market share.

Among them, the white motherboard as a more "pedigree noble" existence, but also more test manufacturers' design skills and exclusive research and development capabilities, after all, there is no point of design and technical skills, it is difficult to attract the attention of consumers. Nowadays, as the white fastening machine is becoming more and more popular, the choice of white motherboard is also increasing, but when it comes to this year's white flagship motherboard, it must be impossible to bypass this gigabyte ice sculpture X Z790 AORUS PRO AX motherboard, so follow to see how its strength is.

Design gigabyte ice sculpture X Z790 AORUS PRO AX motherboard belongs to the standard ATX version, from the prefix of the name of ice sculpture, this is a white painting product. However, what is unexpected is that gigabyte does not use the mainstream cold white tone, but uses milky white and slightly mixed gray on the board, which visually creates a warm, soft feeling and looks more advanced.

On the armored part of the motherboard, gigabyte's ingenious words, ah, use a white + silver double color mixed design, white as the bottom, and all the patterns and visual elements are silver, which can not only increase the hierarchical sense and visual tension of the board, but also not be too monotonous. at the same time, silver as the decorative color of the embellishment elements, will not dominate, with people's gaudy sense of mess It is definitely one of the best-looking white motherboards today.

The largest piece of heat dissipation armor on the left side of the top is printed with its own "ghosting" AORUS Logo, and if you take a closer look, there is also a row of Logo up and down, featuring an artistic sense.

In terms of core power supply, in order to ensure the temperature operation of the 14th generation flagship processor, the Ice sculpture X Z790 AORUS PRO X WIFI7 motherboard provides luxurious 181mm power supply, which can easily control the latest i9; the fully covered heat dissipation area can efficiently take away the heat generated by large hardware power consumption, ensuring that the hardware runs at a lower temperature as far as possible, without affecting sustained and stable performance. There are 4 DDR5 memory slots on the right side of the CPU area, which supports the maximum memory frequency of 8266MHz.

The gigabyte Ice Sculpture X Z790 AORUS PRO AX motherboard still uses the standard LGA1700 interface, which is compatible with 12 to 14 generations of Kurei processors, and has been reinforced around the interface.

The main M.2 solid state slot under the CPU supports PCIe 5.0. the surface is equipped with an ultra-thick metal armored top cover, with its own heat guide on the inside, and both the metal armor top cover and slot parts support snap-type quick disassembly, making it easy to disassemble and disassemble solid states. The PCIe 5.0x16 slot below, with thick aluminum alloy reinforcement on both sides, can better support heavy-weight graphics cards. The quick-release dial on the right makes it easier to unplug the video card.

Below the slot of the video card is an oversized M.2 cooling armor with an iconic carving head, which is very handsome with the seemingly messy multi-angle oblique lines around it. The armor also uses the snap buckle quick disassembly design, which is very convenient to disassemble and assemble.

Remove the heat dissipation armor of M.2 and you can clearly see that it contains four M.2 solid-state disk slots, which are directly filled with post-storage scalability, and each M.2 slot supports a quick-disassembly design. There is a wireless card from MediaTek under the M.2 slot at the bottom on the left.

There are also two PCIe4.0 x16 slots below, and on the left is ITE's multimedia IC chip and audio capacitor.

In terms of interface, gigabyte Ice sculpture X Z790 AORUS PRO AX motherboard supports Q-Flash Plus function, which makes it convenient for users to update BIOS with one click. Two USB-C ports support 20Gbps and 10Gbps transmission rates respectively, and six USB3.2 interfaces plus two USB2.0 interfaces greatly meet the scalability requirements of users' external devices. On the network, the BingDiao X Z790 AORUS PRO X WIFI7 motherboard also provides 2.5G gigabit ports, Wi-Fi7 enhanced antennas and Bluetooth low-latency features, allowing users to enjoy a faster and more stable network experience.

Gigabyte ice sculpture X Z790 AORUS PRO AX motherboard back design is also more exquisite, hidden in the left oblique decoration of the carving head and AORUS Logo, the maximum exposure of the brand, but also a sense of design.

In order to make the gigabyte ice sculpture X Z790 AORUS PRO AX motherboard play its due effect, the hardware test is carried out on the following hardware platforms, and the specific configuration is shown in the figure:

First of all, look at the performance of the power supply, we directly turn on the AIDA64 to test the single-baked FPU. At the beginning, the i9-14900K CPU directly soared to the maximum power consumption of 350W, and the temperature also reached 100 degrees, which shows how horrible it is to the pressure on the motherboard and water-cooled radiator. After 20 minutes, the water cooling still failed to suppress the full-power CPU, the power consumption slowly dropped to around 300W, the temperature remained 100 degrees, and the P-core frequency of the CPU remained at 5500MHz. Fortunately, the operation of the motherboard is still very stable, and there will be no power outages or blue screen problems.

Next, let's take a look at the stability of CPU during long-term high-load operation. In the Time SPY stress test of 3D Mark, generally speaking, only a score of 97% or more is considered a pass. I9-14900K finally ran 99.7% on the gigabyte ice sculpture X Z790 AORUS PRO AX motherboard, and the average FPS of each cycle was a straight line, which perfectly passed the stability test.

In CineBench R23, the R23 score of i9-14900K is 2372, and the multi-core score is 41836, which is a little higher than our previous evaluation of i9-14900K on another Z790 motherboard, which shows how stable the performance of the gigabyte ice carving X Z790 AORUS PRO AX motherboard is.

In the CPU Profile test of 3D Mark, which also tested CPU performance and multithreading performance, i9-14900K scored 17844 points for all core threads and 1336 points for single core, which is basically the same as 's previous i9-14900K test results.

In addition to CPU performance, we also need to look at memory read, write and latency performance. It is well known that the gigabyte motherboard comes with DDR5 memory overclocking cool techs, the motherboard BIOS in the memory intelligence with one button overclocking, but also increases two options of high bandwidth and low latency, even if you are a novice user, turn on these two option switches, you can easily get high read and write speed at the same time, minimize memory latency and get free performance improvement. When the options of memory overclocking and high bandwidth and low latency are not enabled at first, we use the memory running tool of AIDA64 to test. It is measured that the sequential read / write and copy speed are all above 70,000 MB / s, and the memory latency is 87.6 ns L3 cache latency is 20.8ns.

Then, we open the above memory options in BIOS, and run points again, we can see that the sequential read and write and copy scores of memory go directly to 90,000 + MB/s, which increases the read and write speed by nearly 2W, the memory delay reduces the 19.5ns, and the three buffers delay also reduces the 4.4ns. The obvious improvement can be seen with the naked eye, indicating that gigabyte's D5 memory cool techs does have something.

In terms of office productivity, we take a brief look at several other testing tools. The first is CrossMark, which covers the testing of three dimensions: productivity, creativity and reaction ability, and has high requirements for CPU single-thread performance. The test results can truly feedback the efficiency of the current hardware platform for daily office scenarios. The comprehensive score of i9-14900K is 2751, the score of productivity and reaction is more than 2500, and the score of creativity is more than 3000.

In the modern office test of PC Mark 10, the comprehensive score is 11040, and the scores of the three sub-items are 11953, 12838 and 22988 respectively, which is basically within the error range with the previous test results.

We also tested the performance of i9-14900K in V-Ray BenchMark, which represents graphics rendering capabilities, and scored 28888 points in its CPU rendering project, continuing to top the history test.

Through the above theoretical performance tests, it is fully reflected that i9-14900K can give full play to its performance and excellent running stability on this test platform based on gigabyte ice sculpture X Z790 AORUS PRO AX motherboard.

After watching the theoretical test of the game, we also need to see whether the performance in the actual game is powerful. After all, playing games is an out-and-out rigid demand for many PC parties, and the game performance also tests the comprehensive ability of the motherboard. The following games are tested at 2K resolution, and the game basically uses the highest picture quality. We will explain some of the special settings of the game separately. After all, it is a combination of 14-generation i9 processor and RTX4080 graphics card.

First of all, there are two popular online competitive games on Steam. In the "CS:2" game, the 2K resolution + default high definition quality is tested. In the leisure mode map, the average number of frames is 346 frames, 1% Low frames is 261frames, and the game experience is good.

Another online competitive game, Rainbow 6: siege, uses 2K resolution + the highest picture quality, runs the game's own benchmark, with an average of 563 frames and 464 Low frames, a proper competitive experience.

Next, we tested two traditional raster games. In the classic action adventure game Tomb Raider: shadow, using 2K resolution and the highest image quality, we ran the game's own benchmark, with an average of 180frames and 148frames of 1% Low frames.

In the western action adventure game "the Wild Dart" Redemption 2, using 2K resolution + the highest picture quality, run the game's own benchmark test, with an average of 156frames and 98 Low frames.

Finally, let's test two light-chasing masterpieces. In the scrap-style survival adventure game "Metro: leaving", using 2K resolution + Ultra image quality + High grade light pursuit + quality file DLSS, run the game's own benchmark test, and the final average frame rate is 154,1% Low frame 84 frames.

In the open world role-playing game Cyberpunk: 2077, run the game's own benchmark with 2K resolution + super light quality and without the DLSS option turned on, with an average of 114frames and 83 Low frames.

Then we switched to the overspeed light tracking quality and turned on the DLSS3.5 ray reconstruction option to test again, with an average frame rate of 108 frames and 86 frames for 1% Low frames. After a test, the mainstream 3A masterpieces and competitive games can not beat this set of hardware combination, giving full play to all the hardware strength.

In summary, from an experience point of view, gigabyte Ice Sculpture X Z790 AORUS PRO AX motherboard is a "bucket" flagship motherboard, which can be found in both material and running performance, especially the gigabyte is proud of the D5 memory cool techs, up to 5 M.2 solid state slots and full coverage of CPU, power and solid state part of the cooling armor, all worthy of the flagship motherboard positioning.

In terms of appearance and appearance, the gigabyte ice sculpture X Z790 AORUS PRO AX motherboard has also brought a big surprise to friends who like white, simple and fresh style. There is no cool RGB lighting effect, no too gaudy decorative elements, and no linkage of various two-dimensional characters, but the gigabyte ice carving X Z790 AORUS PRO AX motherboard precisely achieves the purity, pure white and purity of the white motherboard, giving DIY players a versatile installation "shelf". If you want to choose one of this year's white Z790 motherboard, it can be said that it is not a gigabyte ice sculpture X Z790 AORUS PRO AX motherboard.

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