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The factory of the future is taking shape! Intel and Lenovo explore the innovative potential of 5G + Intelligent Manufacturing

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Shulou( Report--

In order to continue to promote the development of intelligent manufacturing, Intel helped Lenovo build Lenovo (Tianjin) Intelligent Innovation Service Industry Park. In the process of building this 5G smart factory, both sides make full use of green energy technology and green construction technology to optimize construction and operation plans in the aspects of intelligent manufacturing, Zhaopin quality, intelligent logistics, etc., to create a highly automated and fully intelligent replicable zero-carbon intelligent manufacturing solution for the industry.

Lenovo (Tianjin) Wisdom Innovation Service Industry Park

In recent years, the integration of digital, intelligent technology and manufacturing industry is deepening day by day, and the advanced technology represented by 5G is bringing new changes to the manufacturing industry with its strong potential and integration effect. According to IHS Markit, 5G will generate US $13.1 trillion in economic output by 2035, of which smart manufacturing will contribute more than 1 / 3 of total economic output.

Dr. Zhang Yu, Chief Technology Officer of Intel China Network and Edge Division and Senior Chief AI engineer of Intel, said: "for a long time, Intel has been deeply involved in the manufacturing sector and has been building IT&OT&CT convergence solutions for intelligent manufacturing based on software-defined networks and smart edge infrastructure that supports sustainable development, helping ecological partners, including Lenovo, to build factories of the future. Promote the digital transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry. "

With a diverse portfolio of network and intelligent edge products and end-to-end holistic solutions, Intel provides key value in driving sustainable intelligent change in the industry. For example, because network infrastructure is critical to achieving sustainability, Intel offers fourth-generation Intel ®strong ®scalable processors integrated with vRAN Boost that can provide twice the capacity without increasing power consumption and save up to 20 percent more energy to meet critical performance, scale, and energy efficiency requirements. In addition to providing hardware computing platforms that can meet the requirements of stringent industrial environments, Intel also integrates emerging edge computing technologies, artificial intelligence, robots, machine vision, highly reliable network interconnection and industrial software with traditional industrial automation systems based on software such as Industrial Edge Insight platform (EII), Industrial Edge Control platform (ECI) and OpenVINO, supplemented by omni-directional industrial chain support. Work with ecological partners to build a future wisdom factory.

The Lenovo (Tianjin) Intelligent Innovation Service Industry Park project, which is based on Intel's software and hardware product mix, has fully implemented the original idea of "Zero carbon Road, Green Road". Efforts will be made to create a highly information-based and intelligent industry benchmarking industrial park integrating manufacturing, R & D experiments and digital display. The project will not only help factories improve production efficiency, optimize logistics management, improve safety monitoring, and reduce maintenance costs, but also achieve automated production, remote operation and monitoring, data analysis and optimization, and man-machine cooperation, which can greatly improve the efficiency, quality and flexibility of the production line.

Dr. Li Qiu, chief researcher of Lenovo Group and senior director of Cloud Network Fusion Division, said: "with the acceleration of intelligent upgrading of the manufacturing industry, the integration of IT, OT and CT has become the general trend. Lenovo's 5G + manufacturing solution is based on NFV technology, based on general hardware, and realizes network functions in the form of software, so that customers can easily achieve stable and reliable network functions at minimum cost on the basis of existing computing facilities, and effectively apply them to the core links of production and operation. Tianjin Innovation Industrial Park is a comprehensive presentation of our technological concept and a series of innovative achievements. We are very pleased to continue to work with Intel to create classic '5Globe' solutions to promote the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing in China. "

In this process, Intel will also continue to rely on the "five super technological forces" represented by ubiquitous computing, ubiquitous connectivity, infrastructure from the cloud to the edge, artificial intelligence, and sensing and perception. Accelerate the integration of data and reality, and cooperate with more ecological partners in the upper and lower reaches of the industrial chain, including Lenovo, to fully empower thousands of industries, including manufacturing, to contribute to the construction of digital China.

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