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Huawei users' double Twelve: enjoy high-quality audio-visual entertainment experience

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Do you know which ceremonial "gestures" are full at the beginning of winter? Make a warm and emotional blockbuster, listen to a melodious concert, read a few classics or novels, and your spiritual life should be well stocked this winter! It is exactly the countdown to the double Twelve Carnival, Huawei users must not miss these "good things"! The music, reading, theme and other App of the mobile phone are not only easy to use and play, but also become a value-for-money member to issue orders, and the year-long high-quality audio-visual entertainment experience ensures good value for money!

Immersed in a large number of songs, value discounts unlock Huawei music members

Music enthusiasts not only have high requirements for music library resources, but also have a "good heart" to immerse themselves in the experience of listening to songs. Huawei Music not only has tens of millions of authentic lossless music library, but also the space audio area covers pop, jazz, classical and folk music styles. The massive music library takes you through the live scene in a second. Whether it is at home, commuting, driving, immediately immersed in the world of high-quality music. Based on the Audio Vivid audio codec standard, Huawei music HD space audio area resources can restore many delicate sound details, such as butterflies vibrating wings flying past their ears, low whispers in folk songs, and distant wind and sand whistling. The immersion experience with all-round sound is more free and flexible in Hongmeng intelligent cockpit, with a full sense of presence and inclusiveness. Get member monthly card joint gift package (Hi-Res Plus, listening VIP, Super Music VIP, theme member, Video member), there are 3 surprise raffle opportunities waiting for you!

The new year-end outfit of the mobile phone, Huawei theme meets your personalized costume.

How new the way contemporary young people dote on themselves is that you have no idea that they can change their mobile phone costume every day, refuse to be the same, and give life more surprises and inspiration! The content library of Huawei theme contains a lot of artists' works, and the freshness of life can be obtained from the many designs of Huawei theme with one click! Huawei theme continues to bring forth the new, continue to launch high-quality theme content, my royal cat, astronaut, line puppy, panda and other super interesting IP … Different colors and styles with different moods, every day can be a day full of freshness! During the double 12 super-value purchase period, members who buy Huawei theme annual cards can enjoy a 40% discount, receive super-value theme membership cards, and have the opportunity to win Huawei WATCH GT 3, Huawei FreeBuds 4 and other prizes.

The quality of reading and listening is full, and Huawei's reading brings great courtesy.

Readers have higher and higher requirements for reading experience, but they often encounter problems such as physical books are not easy to carry or different devices are not compatible with the same e-book content. Huawei Reader can provide full-scene cross-end reading service, as long as a Huawei account, you can continue to read what you have not finished on the phone on devices such as tablets or computers. Huawei Reading brings together more than 2.2 million fine book resources and audio content around the world. Users of different ages and needs can find suitable reading materials and enjoy quality reading anytime and anywhere. It is worth mentioning that Huawei has designed exclusive book covers, micro-effects, hardcover typesetting and theme background for each book, using advanced technology to carefully integrate the beauty of design with the beauty of experience, so that users can enjoy the charm of reading. At the same time, Huawei also supports listening to books, and 13 high-quality timbre have emotional space to make listening more enjoyable, while customized human voice features can bring an experience comparable to that of human companion reading. Users open Huawei to read and record the corresponding 20 sentences according to the page guidelines, and the system can automatically generate a dedicated voice package through identification and analysis, and listening to books with familiar voices makes them more immersive and happy. Now start with Huawei Reading members, enjoy 3 heavy gifts at the end of the year, receive 298 yuan membership package, and have the opportunity to draw a fine grand prize!

Huawei users can enjoy high-quality super-value audio-visual entertainment experience, now, awaken Xiaoyi to say "double 12 what discount" and "double 12 strategy" any word can evoke double 12 discount long picture, Huawei mobile phone comes with App various preferential benefits at a glance, this double 12 easy to handle the quality of life experience.

Have you learned the correct way to open double Twelve? Grab the tail at the end of the year and use the super-value price to pocket all the "good things" that enhance life happiness, such as music, reading, theme, cloud space, application market, etc.

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