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Microsoft admits that there is a loss of progress in the Xbox version of the game Baird Gate 3.

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Shulou( Report-- December 13, Larian Studios attended the TGA 2023 awards ceremony and announced the official launch of the "Baird Gate 3" game for Xbox Series S | X game consoles.

The game costs $69.99 (currently about 501 yuan) and supports simplified and traditional Chinese subtitles with a size of 137.55 GB.

However, some Xbox players reported that they encountered the problem of losing the progress of the game. The severity of player feedback on the progress of loss varies, with one player reporting that dozens of hours of game progress has been lost.

Microsoft then acknowledged the problems reported by the players and recommended that players try to save the game as much as possible to avoid related problems before releasing a complete fix.

Microsoft's official announcement is attached to as follows:

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