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Lexus LC 500h special edition sedan car on the market: fumigation exclusive kit, 359hp, price 1.336 million yuan

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Thanks to netizens for the clues of the suffering march! news on December 13, a few days ago, the Lexus LC 500h special edition model officially went on sale, which is 40,000 yuan more expensive than the LC 500h sports version currently on sale, and the price of the new car is 1.336 million yuan.

▲ source Lexus official website learned from the Lexus official that this special edition will provide a dedicated package, including smoked Matt forged rims, front grille and accessories, smoked headlight set trim, fumigated rear light set trim, smoked car roof trim, blackened exterior rearview mirror, blackened rear bumper lower decoration, smoked exhaust pipe partition, exclusive door pedal, carbon fiber fixed rear spoiler.

In terms of power, the car is equipped with a 3.5-liter V6 engine and a multi-stage full hybrid system, with a maximum power of 220 kilowatts, a maximum horsepower of 299 and a maximum torque of 350 Nm; the maximum power of the drive motor is 131 kW and the maximum torque is 300 Nm. The car system has a comprehensive power of 264 kilowatts, a comprehensive horsepower of 359, a top speed of 250 km / h and a zero acceleration of 5 seconds.

Compared with the LC 500h sports version, although the new car has been upgraded in the overall appearance, the Tolson limited slip differential, Lexus dynamic control system LDH, variable gear ratio steering, dynamic rear wheel steering, semi-aniline advanced leather seats, 8-way electric adjustable belt driver seat memory and other functions have been eliminated, and the price has gone up.

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