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Tencent Games "Arena of Valor" realizes the interconnection between Wechat and QQ. You need to add friends through the App of Camp Kings.

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Thanks to netizens Mr. Air, sushi hemp, Alejandro86 for the delivery of clues!, December 20, although "Arena of Valor" has always been divided into four regions: Android / iOS and Wechat / QQ, Android players and iOS players can gang up together, and Wechat and QQ do not communicate with each other, and many people even open two accounts for this to facilitate playing with different friends.

Now, "Arena of Valor" has finally realized the interconnection between Wechat and QQ, which in essence takes advantage of the gang-up function of Tencent's official App "King's Camp", but anyway, everyone can play happily with more friends.

▲ Camp "Didi matching" function to achieve Wechat QQ cross-district team formation is actually very simple. Both sides of the game need to update to the latest version of Masters Camp App (as of, the latest version is 7.91.1213, but in fact, 7.91.1018 version has been launched, and the latest version can directly add friends to start gang up), and add friends through this App. Then start "gang up" in the chat window and invite friends to play with you.

Add friends with ▲

▲ sends an invitation to create a gang up room according to the test, when you invite the other party to gang up, you also need to enter the room created in "Arena of Valor" through the App of Camp of Kings, and then wait for the other party to invite the link from Camp Kings to enter the room in the game, so that you can rank together, otherwise the room will be reminded that it has been destroyed.

It is worth mentioning that this gang up method belongs to the special mechanism of App in Camp Kings. Although WeChat users and QQ users can play together, they cannot add game friends to each other, so they can only gang up through Camp App every time.

Another thing to note is that the match matched by this mechanism is based on the homeowner area, that is, if the homeowner is QQ, it will match the players in QQ zone, and if the owner is WeChat zone, it will match WeChat zone players.

In addition to adding friends and gang up directly on App of Camp Kings, you can also use the "Didi matching" mechanism to find another cross-district player and ask him to invite your cross-district friends to join the room (or directly "Didi match" to your cross-district friends, which is the old version of "card room" method).

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