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Toshiba has developed a new wireless power supply system, which aims to be commercialized after 2025

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Shulou( Report--, December 13, Toshiba announced on December 5 that the company has developed a new wireless power supply system that uses microwaves to deliver electricity to the distance.

Previous technology will interfere with the surrounding radio waves, but Toshiba can accurately control the power supply by using independent technology. Toshiba plans to commercialize the technology after 2025. In the future, sensors and cameras used in factories can be driven without batteries.

▲ source Toshiba official demonstration picture, the technology developed this time can detect the Wi-Fi (wireless LAN) signal used in the facility while supplying power to the microwave integrated beam in an accurate direction. Toshiba has the technology to allow wireless LAN to coexist with the airwaves of the power supply system, which it claims to be "the only technology that Toshiba has in the world". Radio interference has always been a problem in the popularization of wireless power supply system.

Toshiba said it would work on devices that receive radio waves so that they can be received efficiently wherever they are. The power supply system is also miniaturized and can be easily installed on the ceiling. learned from Toshiba's official demonstration pictures that the microwave remote power supply system can provide the power of 100mW at a distance of 3m and the power of 1mW at a distance of 10m.

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