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Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 fully loaded with sustainable design deduces the new fashion of environmental protection

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Entering the new consumption era of diversified ideas, young people no longer talk about the special features of clothing styles and tailoring, on the contrary, they talk about the sustainable design of products as a bright spot to their friends around them. Behind this phenomenon, it is not difficult to see that the concept of environmental protection is becoming a new fashion attitude, and is rapidly spreading in the youth circle. As the number one player of smartphones, Samsung continues to introduce innovative and environmentally friendly technologies into its products, providing a template for the industry to learn from at the level of sustainable development.

Today, Samsung's fifth-generation folding screen phone Galaxy Z Fold5, with its upgraded and innovative sustainable design, not only attracts the attention of young people, providing them with a new way to practice sustainable life, but also once again leads the new trend of folding screen phones. This time, compared with the previous generation of products, Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 further increased the recycled aluminum and glass before consumption, as well as buckets, PET bottles and other recycled plastics after consumption, these recyclable materials with the help of cutting-edge science and technology "seconds" into high-performance environmental components, in the premise of ensuring that the experience is not sacrificed, used in different positions of the fuselage.

For example, the side key bracket and part of the shell of Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 are made of abandoned marine fishing nets; the Corning ®Gorilla ®Glass Victus ®2 glass on the outer screen and backplane not only contains recycled glass before consumption, but also has stronger durability, achieving the perfect compatibility of environmental protection and technology. For the outer packaging of products, Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 completely eliminated disposable plastics and adopted more environmentally friendly 100% recycled paper, which greatly reduced the negative impact of plastic waste and tree felling on the ecological environment, and put the concept of sustainable development into practice.

In order to further integrate sustainable design with fashion, Samsung designers draw creative inspiration from nature, giving new meaning to the body color of Galaxy Z Fold5. Whether it is the dark atmosphere with a deep sense of night, or the more inclusive classic Xinghe White, or the fresh ice blue without losing its personality, it can show the symbiosis and harmony between man and nature, as well as the advanced sense of modern aesthetics. let users naturally show elegance between their hands and feet.

In addition, Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 achieves a lighter folding design through over-closed Seiko hinges while minimizing life-cycle carbon emissions. Thanks to the dual-rail integrated hinge structure, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 is light to 253g and 2.4mm thinner than the previous generation, making it by far the lightest model in the Galaxy Z Fold series, giving users portability comparable to that of the flagship straight screen. Not only that, the new generation of ultra-closed Seiko hinges with upgraded screen support structure and self-developed UTG ultra-thin flexible glass, Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 durability breakthrough, after 700000 times of folding, can still have a good state, bringing users a long-lasting reliable quality.

Since Samsung launched its "Galaxy for the Planet" sustainability plan in 2021, it has always focused on "integrating recyclable materials into all new mobile products, eliminating the use of plastic packaging, standby power consumption of all smartphone chargers less than 0.005W, achieving zero landfill of garbage", etc., to practice social responsibility and protect the planet with innovative technology. With the launch of Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5, its stylish, durable and sustainable design has not only won the favor of young people, but also pushed the folding screen experience to a new dimension.

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