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A hot discussion on the solution to the market allocation of data elements-- "data Service Network"

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Shulou( Report--

"data Service Network" unveiled at the second Digital Government Building Summit

On December 8-10, at the second Digital Government Building Summit and Digital Bay area Development Forum, the "data Service Network", a solution to the problem of market-oriented allocation of elements, was solemnly unveiled. For the first time, it shows the underlying logic, innovation value, market model and business ecology of the market infrastructure of "data service network".

According to the introduction on the spot, the "data Service Network" has organized thousands of standardized data link models around the four major markets of industry, service, data and technology, covering the supply-side ecological digital development in an all-round way.

The "data Service Network" carries data elements with innovative and standardized digital vouchers, which sets up a new standard and mechanism for further accelerating the marketization and opening of data elements. Aiming at the five common demand links of supply-side contract signing, implementation, full adjustment, risk control and evaluation, combined with the five major services of "data for subsidy", "data for credit", "data for business opportunity", "data for governance" and "data for cash", comprehensively broaden the utilization boundary of data assets and lay the foundation for the capitalization of data resources. Inject new impetus into supply-side transformation and upgrading and business innovation demand.

The booth attracted a large number of professionals from various industries to stop at the booth to experience the ecological value of the "data business network" and innovative measures in the multi-dimensional utilization of data from multiple perspectives with the assistance of professional explanations, causing exhibitors unlimited reverie about the digital future.

The trial launch ceremony of "data Service Network" was a complete success.

During the exhibition, the "data element Market needs Digital operating Environment" data Service Network value Forum was held simultaneously, and the trial launch ceremony of "data Service Network" was held on the spot. This event attracted digital government from all over the country and top experts, scholars, and industrial talents in the field of digital economy to gather together to witness the emergence of the "data business network". At the same time, it also carried out in-depth discussions and exchanges around hot topics in the era of digital economy, such as the market-oriented allocation of data elements, digital public goods, artificial intelligence and so on.

Chen Risheng, Deputy Director of Guangdong Provincial Administration of Government Affairs Service data, Zhao Pu, President of Guizhou University of Finance and Economics, Wang Xiangjiang, Deputy General Manager of China Telecom Guangdong, Wen Ping, Deputy General Manager of China Unicom Guangdong Branch, Feng Bifeng, Vice President of Guangdong Branch of Agricultural Bank of China, Lai Jianle, Director of Informatization and big data Office of Sanya Yazhou Bay Science and Technology City Administration, and Cai Chengtao, Director of National Engineering Laboratory of E-Government Modeling and Simulation, Yu Tan, president of Guangdong Digital Government Research Institute, served as a guest at the launching ceremony. Jointly lit up the big screen of the launching ceremony and announced the official launch of the trial of "data Service Network".

Guests attending the forum said that the trial launch of the "data Business Network" is a major event in the field of data governance, which means that the exploration of market-oriented allocation of data elements has taken another big step forward. " The emergence of the "data Service Network" not only provides the basis and means for the supervision and governance of digital business, effectively solves the problem of disconnection between regulatory governance and business services, but also promotes the orderly and extensive circulation of data elements, speed up the cultivation of the data element market to lay the governance foundation, and give full play to the government's role in guiding and standardizing the healthy development of the factor market.

The first batch of pilot results have significantly created a precedent for service data credit reform.

With the strong support of the Guangdong Provincial CPC Committee and the Guangdong Provincial Government, the "data Service Network", led and co-ordinated by the Guangdong Administrative Service data Administration, and continuously promoted by the Digital Industry Ecological Co-Construction Alliance, has achieved remarkable results. As the basic operators of the "data service network", China Telecom and China Unicom have planned 1 million digital spaces, 100000 data voucher robots and 100 application scenarios respectively, and the first batch of deployments have been arrived. and continue to expand the scope of application in the industry.

At present, the "data Service Network" has been launched in Dancong tea industry pilot project in Chaozhou City, Guangdong Province. Centering on the city's Dancong tea industry, China Telecom Raoping Branch and the Raoping County Branch of the Agricultural Bank of China have set up more than a dozen data chains in three types of markets: industry, service and data, to speed up the construction of the industry benefiting farmers. It has greatly reduced the construction cost and construction cycle of digital transformation, and effectively reduced the investment risk of digital transformation. It provides a strong support for the local tea enterprise tea association to make full use of data to expand its own business, to easily obtain all kinds of subsidized loans, and to explore new business opportunities and new customers.

At the same time, banking institutions can obtain anti-counterfeiting, fidelity, fresh-keeping and traceable customer data by adding three types of market data links, so as to solve the problems that banks are difficult to obtain customers, loan and adjust as much as possible. accelerate the exploration of the mode of transformation of institutions from traditional mortgage loans to credit loans, improve the modernization and digital level of services, and create a precedent for data credit reform.

Taking advantage of the opportunity of the second Digital Government Building Summit and Digital Bay area Development Forum, the "data Business Network" set sail. The digital industry ecological co-construction alliance will adhere to the "six communist" cooperation principles of "sharing, co-building, sharing, win-win, co-governance and co-prosperity". We will continue to advance towards the goal of formally putting the "data business network" into market operation, promote more achievements to be transformed and landed, and use Chinese wisdom. Speed up the cultivation of data factor market and build a beautiful digital China.

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