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Seagate launches a new SkyHawk AI 24TB mechanical hard drive, priced at $600,

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According to news on December 13, Seagate today released a high-capacity hard drive "SkyHawk AI 24TB" for AI surveillance cameras, which sells for $599.99 ( Note: currently about 4308 yuan).

Seagate said that the SkyHawk AI 24 TB is an advanced video-optimized hard drive designed for network video recorders that support artificial intelligence for edge security applications to meet the challenges of today's advanced systems to analyze and record video clips while supporting GPU analytics. The hard drives support 64 streams of HD cameras, can also record 32 AI streams at the same time, can withstand the heavy load of 10000 hours of video recording and continuous AI analysis, and use unique "ImagePerfect AI firmware" to reduce frame loss to zero.

Seagate SkyHawk AI 24 TB hard drives will be shipped this month.

In October, Seagate released a new Exos X24 mechanical hard drive, also with 24TB capacity and speeds of up to 285MB/s, designed for maximum storage capacity and rack space efficiency.

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