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Hewlett-Packard Shadow Genie 10 Slim notebook 14-inch exposure: Ultra 5 125H

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Shulou( Report-- December 13 news, Geekbench data appeared in Hewlett-Packard "OMEN Transcend Gaming Laptop 14", equipped with Intel Ultra 5125H processor. The laptop is expected to be the 14-inch version of Hewlett-Packard's new Shadow Elf 10 Slim.

This notebook is equipped with a Ultra 5125H processor with a specification of 4p core + 8e core + 2 low power E core, Rui frequency 4.5GHz, with 18MB three-level cache; the core shows a 7 Xe core and GPU frequency 2.2GHz. The model of Duxian is not clear yet.

According to, in March this year, Hewlett-Packard released a brand new OMEN Transcend 16 notebook with a new mold design, and the domestic model is Shadow Elf 9 SLIM,i9 + RTX 4060 with an initial launch of 9999 yuan.

This series of notebooks focus on light and thin, the current Shadow Genie 9 SLIM 16-inch version is as thin as 19.9mm, three-sided metal design, through a complex process of six coatings, so that each layer of paint evenly covers every corner of the An and C sides of the fuselage. The D face presents a more advanced metal texture through the AED process, and the touch is smoother and smoother. The interface and opening are etched by CNC and laser cutting technology.

The 14-inch version of the Shadow Elf 10 Slim laptop is expected to use a Ultra processor and be equipped with a unique display, targeting high-performance, high-quality creative or lightweight game books, similar to models such as ROG Fantasy 14, Alien X14 and Lenovo Salvation 9000X 14.

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