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The Asustek Lingyao 14 2024 notebook is equipped with a core Ultra processor and has a battery life of 3 hours more than the previous model.

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Shulou( Report-- December 13 news, Asustek Lingyao 14 2024 notebook will go on sale at 10: 00 on December 15, the processor will be upgraded to Core Ultra series, other parameters are basically the same as the old model. According to official figures, the video broadcast time of Lingyao 14 2024 reached 18 hours, an increase of 3 hours compared with the previous model.

Lingyao 14 2024

Lingyao 14 2023 is shown above. Both Lingyao 14 2024 and 2023 use 75Wh batteries. The video playback time of Lingyao 14 2024 reaches 18 hours, while the battery life of the old Lingyao 14 2023 laptop is 15 hours.

Intel has previously demonstrated a technology for playing 1080p video in SoC modules for Ultra 1 laptops. Officials say the CPU and GPU modules of the Core Ultra processor are turned off, and the low-power E-core and video decoding unit built into the SoC module have the ability to play 1080p video. The battery life improvement of Lingyao 14 2024 notebook may be related to this technology.

Intel is expected to launch Core Ultra mobile processors around the world on the evening of December 14, and there will be a domestic launch on December 15, when you follow 's detailed report.

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