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Two chargers are included. Nubia Z60 Ultra phone supports 80W fast charging.

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Shulou( Report-- news on December 13, Nubia Z60 Ultra phone will be released at 14:00 on December 19. The phone has passed the national quality certification, model NX721J, and supports 80W fast charging.

Certification information shows that the machine will come with an 80W original charger and an additional Nubia 65W three-port gallium nitride charger.

According to the official poster, the Nubian Z60 Ultra retains the starry sky color this time, as well as black and beige, which claim to be "isomorphic cosmic design and cyberpunk futurism".

In the previous preheating, the machine confirmed the use of BOE Q9 + light-emitting material, built-in UDC Ultra independent screen display chip, support 2.8 μ m fusion pixels and so on. In addition, the new machine is also equipped with "eight-headed flagship core" and "six-head large power", which is expected to refer to Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processor and large battery above 6000+mAh.

The front of the new machine uses the fifth generation UDC comprehensive screen, the screen frame is narrow, the positive look and feel is good. On the back, the new machine is equipped with 18mm 50MP large bottom and large aperture wide angle, 35mm 50MP high definition optics (known as "more than an inch"), 85mm 64MP periscope flagship telephoto, all support OIS optical anti-shake, the new machine's lens arrangement makes it very recognizable.

For more information about Nubian Z60 Ultra, interested friends can follow to follow up the report.

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