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Dell Technology release 2024 Technology Forecast and Prospect: the necessity of AI nationalization, Zero Trust and the expansion of Modernization

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Dell Technology Group (NYSE:DELL) held the 2024 Technology Forecast Communication meeting on December 13. John Roese, Global CTO of Dell Technology Group, highlighted and shared the emerging trends that will affect the technology industry in 2024 and the future, and how Dell Technology works with customers to seize trends and innovation opportunities.

John Roese John Roese, Global CTO of ▲ Dell Technology Group, said, "AI is the center of the future world, it can put into production through the edge, rely on zero trust to ensure security, and ultimately gain a steady stream of power from quantum technology to achieve the performance and efficiency needed to expand into global systems. We need to keep a close eye on AI, but we can't ignore other architectures. Only in this way can we ensure that our vision is consistent with our actions and thus achieve long-term success. "

▲ John Roese's Prospect of the Development trend of the Technology Industry in 2024 and in the Future AI becomes the focus and moves from theory to practice

John Roese pointed out that the topic discussion of GenAI will shift from theory to practice, from training infrastructure and costs to reasoning and operating costs, in which leaders will assume more responsibility. The focus of enterprises will also increasingly shift from broad experiments to top-down strategic focus, and select a few GenAI projects that are truly transformative.

"while GenAI has inspired great creativity in how to change business and the world, there are very few large-scale GenAI activities in the real world," says Mr John Roese. "in 2024, we will see the first GenAI enterprise projects mature, which will reveal several important aspects of GenAI 'hiding' in its early stages."

Looking to the future, John Roese pointed out that quantum computing has solved the main problem that GenAI and most large-scale AI have a great demand for computing resources. He predicts that quantum computing will bring about a huge leap in the capabilities of AI systems. Hybrid quantum systems will become the computing foundation of modern AI, and AI work will be scattered in a series of different computing architectures, including quantum processing units.

Zero trust consolidation frontier

"throughout 2023, there has been a lot of discussion about zero trust and its importance in global cyber security work," John Roese said. "in 2024, zero trust is no longer just a hot topic, we will pay more attention to the implementation of real technology, standards and even certification, so as to clarify what true zero trust is."

The edge of modernization is expanding and cloudy continues to prevail.

John Roese shares that enterprises will realize that there are two ways to build a modern edge: the expansion of edge islands and the construction of a multi-cloud edge platform. The future development direction will be the latter, that is, the use of "edge platforms" to make the edge of modernization an extension of a multi-cloud infrastructure.

‎ Co-creates a data-driven Future

Despite the many challenges, John Roese firmly believes that Dell Technology is fully capable of becoming a strategic partner of customers through cooperation and guidance in leading customers forward. " Therefore, we need to build a digital entity and work together to make digital ideas a reality. Dell Technology is an aggregator at the forefront of technology and business growth opportunities, bringing together expertise, solutions and partners to help customers build a data-driven future. "

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