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OpenAI responds to soaring ChatGPT error rate: problem fixed

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According to news on December 13, a large number of netizens reported that ChatGPT was down and a large number of users reported errors in the early morning local time:

500 {'error': {' message': 'Request failed due to server shutdown','type':' server_error', around 0:31 EDT, OpenAI said it had detected an increase in the ChatGPT error rate, which has been resolved after more than an hour of emergency repair. As of press release, all services have returned to normal.

In fact, after the Altman incident, OpenAI has recently had a variety of problems, such as GPT-4 's "laziness" problem.

OpenAI has previously explained that OpenAI has not updated its model since November 11, and that the GPT model is becoming unpredictable, and the company is currently working to fix the problem.

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