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Horizon "Journey 6" chip unveiled: BYD, Guangzhou Automobile, ideal and so on will carry the first batch, the highest computing power 560TOPS

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Shulou( Report-- November 18 news, Guangzhou auto show opening the second day, Horizon will be released in April next year "Journey 6"(J6) chip in today's debut, the official introduced some parameters and cooperation details of the chip.

According to introduction, the highest computing power of "Journey 6" flagship version can reach 560TOPS, which will realize the high integration of CPU, BPU, GPU and MCU, and can access 24-channel camera, lidar and other sensors at most. The chip can also implement full-scene NOA, claiming to be an in-vehicle computing solution designed for a new generation of high-level intelligent driving in Urban area. Note: BPU full name Brain Processing Unit, brain processor, is an embedded AI processor architecture proposed by Horizon. MCU stands for Micro Controller Unit.

Horizon "Journey 6" is expected to be officially released during the Beijing Auto Show next year. Intended customers, according to the official disclosure, the first batch of mass production intention cooperation car enterprises include BYD, GAC, Bosch XC, ideal car, and Volkswagen Cariad software. Among them, Horizon and Volkswagen's Cariad software joint venture company will launch J6-based development of L2++ above intelligent driving products.

In addition, officials say more than 50 models with Horizon have landed this year and more than 150 will land next year, including BYD, Volkswagen and Weilai's "Alps" sub-brands.

Horizon CEO Yu Kai previously said that the functions of the medium-level intelligent driving assistance products (such as high-speed NOA) that have been mass-produced on the market are only "available" but not "easy to use," while the functions of high-end products in Urban area have not yet reached "available." He called on the industry to return to rationality and continue to work together to find a reasonable path to achieve a balance between real user value and reasonable cost.

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