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IGN talks about the reasons for the closure of E3 Game Show: failed reform, high cost, and too much competition.

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Shulou( Report--, December 13 (Xinhua)-- the annual International Electronic Entertainment Show, or E3, sponsored by the American Entertainment Software Association (ESA), was once one of the best exhibitions in the video game industry. reported yesterday that the official account of the E3 game show posted a post on the X platform claiming that no more E3 exhibitions would be held in the future. IGN posted today to check the reasons for the permanent closure of the E3 game show.

IGN, the official X platform account of ▲ Tu Yuan E3 Game Show, believes that the permanent suspension of E3 Game Exhibition is mainly due to "high cost, failure of reform, and too much competition."

In terms of cost, IGN claimed that game makers who participated in E3 had always complained that they had to pay "multimillion-dollar" high prices to set up booths, forcing more and more game makers to set up their own exhibitions to highlight their own centers and save budgets.

▲ Tu Yuan IGNIGN also believes that the American Entertainment Software Association lacks the expertise to hold large-scale events like E3, which blindly increases the size of the exhibition and tries to turn the E3 game show into a collection of "trade shows", "trade shows" and "fan festivals", but ended up "catching nothing" because of mishandling.

▲ Picture Source IGN in addition, the American Entertainment Software Association changed its leadership in 2019, and the new employees did not understand the importance of the E3 game show, so they held a negative attitude towards the E3 game show from 2020 to 2023, resulting in activities such as the "Summer Game Festival" overshadowing E3's reputation. "improper handling of the E3 brand eventually killed the game show."

▲ source IGN related reading: "E3 Game Show will be closed forever, bringing to an end the course of more than 20 years of exhibition."

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