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The industry's first big AI model is supported, and the vivo S18 series will be released on December 14.

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Towards the end of the year, the mobile phone market ushered in a new wave of mobile phones. Among the many new machines, the vivo S18 series, as the finale of vivo 2023, has become one of the most eye-catching new products in the industry since the official announcement.

It is understood that the vivo S18 series will be released on December 14, the machine in the chip, memory, images, range, screen, system and other aspects ushered in the configuration cup, bringing Tianji 9200 +, to the highest 16GB+512GB storage combination, studio portrait, 5000mAh ultra-thin blue sea battery, 185.8g+7.45mm 's light and thin fuselage, 120Hz sunrise eye protection screen, OriginOS 4.0 system with its own AI model, etc., will provide users with a flagship experience.

Tianji 9200 + blessing, providing flagship phone experience

With the blessing of Qualcomm Snapdragon 7 Gen3, the vivo S18 runs close to one million, while the vivo S18 Pro with Tianji 9200 + achieves an ultra-high running score of 1.58 million +, achieving a performance boost cup and bringing a better performance experience.

In terms of storage technology, the vivo S18 series supports 16 (+ 16) + 512 (+ 50) GB, that is, storage to high expansion 16GB, backend to retain 49 applications; storage is further compressed to the high 50GB, up to 10000 high-definition pictures, whether it is dealing with multitasking or storing massive content, can calmly deal with.

In terms of screen, vivo S18 is equipped with 120Hz sunrise eye protection screen with peak brightness up to 2800nits, and supports flagship wet hand touch, which can provide users with flagship display effect and control experience.

The vivo S18 series is equipped with 5000mAh ultra-thin blue ocean batteries for 13.5 hours of full bright screen life and 4 years of long life. At the same time, Blue Ocean battery technology also makes the thickness of the vivo S18 series as low as 7.45mm and the weight as low as 185.8g, bringing the industry-leading lightweight feel.

The vivo S18 series will be equipped with OriginOS 4.0. all of them support the self-developed AI blue heart model, which allows users to have a natural language conversation with their mobile phone, resulting in a smarter and more comprehensive AI experience.

Wisdom makes up the light, and the studio portrait experience is within reach.

"the backlight is also clear, illuminating your beauty." vivo has always had his own secret book on portrait photography. From the Moonlight soft light created by X7, to the five super textured beauty created by S5, to the first micron skin reshaping in S12, vivo continues to upgrade its hardware and algorithms, refreshing the upper limit of portraits taken on mobile phones again and again.

This time, vivo S18 series integrates studio light and shadow effect into mobile portrait photography, bringing intelligent "supplementary light" function, which can intelligently adjust soft light brightness and color temperature, thus creating studio-level light and studio-level atmosphere, helping users to take studio-level portrait photos with one click.

The vivo S18 series also features studio quality, including the vivo S18 Pro, which comes with a 5000-megapixel Sony bionic main shot of the vivo X100 model, plus a 5000-megapixel ultra-wide-angle camera and a professional telephoto camera to help users freeze purer portraits with flagship camera sensors.

Flowers like brocade matching colors, deducing oriental aesthetics with science and technology

This time, the vivo S18 series has brought a new color matching through the creation of a number of innovative technologies.

In order to make the flower elements bloom perfectly on the back of the phone, vivo designers pioneered the floating carving process, which depicts the lifelike stretching dynamics of the petals on the back of the phone with soft long and hard short lines. At the same time, the pioneering Yunjin glass process precisely arranges more than 4 million micron square drills on the back of a mobile phone less than the size of the palm, simulating the introverted luster woven by craftsmen and restoring the delicate and smooth feel of Yunjin, making the back of the phone as smooth as silk.

In terms of post-camera module design, the vivo S18 series pursues dexterity. The designer draws inspiration from the Chinese-style window and upgrades the water mirror cloud window to the water light cloud window. the post-camera group perfectly takes into account the sense of order, dexterity and comfort, with a brand-new colorful matching, showing the charm of oriental aesthetics.

This time, the vivo S18 series can provide a flagship experience in terms of performance, storage, screen, battery life, system, image, appearance, etc., and the final performance of vivo at the end of the year is worth looking forward to.

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