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Is this a commercial war? Ali employees say Hema headquarters IP has been blocked by Sam App.

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Shulou( Report--

On the evening of December 13, it was reported that the box horse and Sam would go to war again. Some Ali employees posted that Sam App could not be used in the headquarters of the box horse, questioning that the IP address of the headquarters of the box horse was blocked by Sam.

The employee said that he came to the headquarters of the box horse for a meeting and planned to visit Sam, but he couldn't open it at all. I thought there was something wrong with the phone, so it didn't work even if I rebooted it. As a result, it was brushed out as soon as the company's WiFi was cut off. He questioned that the IP address of the Hema headquarters was blocked by Sam. "is this a commercial war?" He joked.

Sina technology verified with the box horse employees, and insiders replied that the details were not clear, but it was not possible to refresh Sam App normally.

It is worth noting that the box horse and Sam are direct competitors, and the two sides once had a big price war this year.

In July this year, the box horse in Beijing, Shanghai online "mountain transfer price", "durian thousand layers" and other products prices reduced, and then expanded to a number of cities. Although the official interpretation of the "mountain moving price" means to use the spirit of Yugong to move the mountain, narrowing the gap with the world's leading retail enterprises. However, "Mountain removal" is still interpreted by the outside world as pointing directly to Sam. And Sam, who learned the news, chose to fight head-on and also followed up with the price reduction.

Zhu Xiaojing, president and CEO of Wal-Mart China, also said at an internal meeting that Box Horse is the only competitor to Wal-Mart's Sam's Club Store in China. Prior to this, in the Sam member survey questionnaire, there were also a number of questions related to the price-to-performance satisfaction of box horses, shopping methods and so on.

And the storm that the IP address of the headquarters of the box horse was blocked by Sam can also be seen the fierce competition between the two sides.

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