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Programmers develop Tetris games for Microsoft's Excel tabular software: written in VBA, which is said to be "fully functional"

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Shulou( Report-- December 13, a programmer "MehmetSalihKoten" recently posted on Reddit, claiming that he has developed a "full-featured" Tetris game for Microsoft's Excel tabular software.

It is reported that the Tetris game can be controlled by buttons embedded in the table, supports functions such as "fast fall" and "change the direction of the box", and has a scoreboard that can display real-time scores and highest scores.

The ▲ programmer clicks the button in the table to quickly adjust the falling angle and position of Tetris. noted that the Tetris game is written in VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) language based on VB, which is a programming language built in Excel. Microsoft embeds related language support for Excel, mainly used to implement office automation macro scripts, but many programmers use related scripts to write games for Excel. It can be said to be "broken".

▲ got a copy of the Legend of Zelda game Excelda on Excel in 2013. The official website of the Picture Source project

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